About Us

Set in the sylvan and serene surroundings of verdant Banasthali and nestled in the Gyan Mandir building, the Faculty of Home Science comprises five divisions, viz.., Human Development, Food Science and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Resource Management and Extension Education. Members of the teaching faculty of the department, while performing their roles of information and knowledge dissemination, also strive hard to make tangible contributions to the advancement of knowledge by undertaking research endeavours  into the different aspects of Home Science. This department's tour de force lies not only in inculcating a sense of efficient household management based on sound scientific footing, amongst its students but also nurturing and nourishing their abilities ranging from teaching to textile testing, nutritional research and dietary and family counseling so as to become catalysts in the development of Human Ecosystem.

The objectives of its programmes are:
  • To make available to the younger generation the knowledge and training  essential for happy and harmonious home making by learning  scientific way of working for home making in contemporary society and in consonance with the Gandhian dictum of putting the heads and the hands of the students to use in the process of learning.

  • To cultivate capabilities and skills in the students for taking up challenging professions catering to the societal needs, ranging from teaching, research to the various aspects of human ecosystem, normal and therapeutic nutrition, textile testing, dress designing and dietary and family counselling.

  • To provide the wherewithal for the development of self as an individual as well as worthy component of society.


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