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Bioscience and Biotechnology 

Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary course and various programmes have been developed to meet the growing demand for trained manpower to carry out meaningful Biotechnology activity in the country. In the last decade, Banasthali University has emerged as a leading center for education and research in biotechnology and allied disciplines. The programmes are designed to expose the students to recent exciting developments in the area of Biotechnology/Bioscience/ Microbiology/ Bioinformatics and their application in industry, agriculture and medicine.

History : - At a glance

·         B.Sc. Botany & Zoology (with Honours) - 1963

·         M.Sc. Bioscience (Plant Science & Animal Science) - 1991

·         M.Sc. Biotechnology - 1994

·         P.G. Diploma in Bioinformatics - 2004




Chemistry is the essence of the life and its intent is the exploration of life processes. In the past few decades there has been a dramatic growth in understanding the intricacies of life processes at the molecular level by chemical means. The modern world is heavily dependent upon the chemical industry for energy production and storage, catalyst design, manufacture and development of synthetic fibers, high temperature ceramics, new pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and pesticides along with a host of other valuable products. To meet this goal the programme in the post-graduate course is designed to give a high caliber education in the disciplines of Chemistry.

History : - At a glance

·         B.Sc. [Pass] course with Chemistry, Botany and Zoology-1963

·         B.Sc. [Hons] course in Chemistry-1990

·         M.Sc. Chemistry with specialization in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry-1970

·         Ph. D. in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry-1970



History : - At a glance
·         M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry -2004
·         B. Pharm. -2008
       ·         M. Pharm. -2011



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