Mathematics is the music of mind and it attracts people of finest minds in the world. It is the backbone of all sciences. If a  question arises  like which came first in human civilization  - Mathematics or Language? Certainly the answer is Mathematics. If we go back to the begining of stone-age civilization we can see that people used to count their domestic animals by using different stones, and they used body languages to express their mind.

If we study Vedic Mathematics then we can find that the most important number 'Zero' was discovered in India. One of the important irrational like 'Pie' was discovered by the great Indian Mathematician Aryabhatte (476 - 550 AD), who was born in Patliputra in Magadh.

Today there is no nobel prize in Mathematics but International Mathematical Union (IMU) offers Fields Medal once in every four years during International Congress of Mathematicians. (ICM) which is equivalant to nobel prize.   
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