Infrastructure and Resources

Today's mathematics is not only limited in theoretical study but also it is fully oriented with computational work. Mathematical Science is interdisciplinary combined with Pure Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Theoretical Computer Science. Apart  from these four major branches our Department is well connected and associated with other departments like Computer, IT, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Bioinformatics, Economics, Management and Sociology in respect of academic and research purpose. The computing facilities are available in various laboratories of the institute like SUN Lab, CISCO Lab, NET - Lab, Staff Lab, Students Labs etc. As per the need in the society our Department has very good infrastructure supported by many software's. Some of them are listed below :

1. MAT LAB (2009b)
4. SPSS (20.0)
5. MAPLE SOFT (15.0)

Library :

There is a highly riched and computerized Central Library having a collection of 10,000 text books on Mathematical Sciences including some recent reference books on Fuzzy Logic , Statistical, Mathematics and Basian Analysis etc. Apert from the Central Library our Apaji Institute has its own Library which is full of books, magazines, periodicals and journals. Both the Libraries having Mathematics Journals.  



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