Prof. Sushila Vyas
   Prof. Sushila Vyas was born in Ratlam on 6th September, 1926. Her father Shri Raghunath Vyas was a famous teacher. Though from Madhya Pradesh, her childhood passed under the care of a renowned social worker Smt. Ratan Shastri, the founder member of the well-known National Institute for Women, Banasthali Vidyapith. It is said that Prof. Sushila Vyas was involved in making the bricks along with Shanta Bai who was the source of the inspirable Banasthali Vidyapith. Prof. Sushila Vyas was the first of the first six students who sought admission to the Vidyapith. Pt. Hiralal Shastri, the first Chief Minister of Rajasthan, was her guardian after the demise of her father Shri Raghunath Vyas.

 Prof. Sushila Vyas received her education from beginning to end in Banasthali Vidyapith. During her student life in 1946 she was elected president of Rajasthan Vidyapith Congress. She did M.A. in Political Science in 1950. With the completion of her education she resolved not to get married and to devote all her life to the Vidyapith. With the appointment as lecturer in the Department of Political Science, in the then Gyan Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Banasthali Vidyapith, she entered the field of her duty. Uptil 1967 she worked successfully at this post. In 1951 she was elected founding member of the Vidyapith and counsellor of student. She became the Vice-Principal of the Vidyapith in August 1968. In July, 1970 she assumed the post of Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science. She was elected Principal of Gyan Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Banasthali Vidyapith in 1973. During the session 1975-76 she was elected a member of the Senate of Rajasthan University. On this occasion Pt. Hiralal Shastri said, "one day I saw her as a child of six months or a year. Then she became a teacher like two-three other girls who did M.A. from Banasthali. Gradually she became Vice-Principal and the Principal for which no other similar person could have been found. Obviously, there could have been no one other than Prof. Sushila Vyas who embodied all the virtues required for a college principal. Her idealism, humility, pragmatism, modesty and universal love are unparalleled. Prof. Sushila Vyas is not at all proud of this new appointment. Banasthali needs people who are not concerned about money and comforts in comparison to this holy act."

Prof. Prem Narain Mathur, the former Vice-President (Education) of the Vidyapith said, "For me Banasthali has been the beacon light of a thought, an imagination, beliefs, values and ideals. I know that Prof. Sushila Vyas has imbibed that thought, that imagination, those beliefs, values and ideals deeply because she has grown amongst and in accordance to them."

Prof. Sushila Vyas became the first Director of the Vidyapith when it achieved the status of a Deemed to be University on the recommendation of the U.G.C. on October 25, 1983.

She was the President of the Association of Indian Universities in 1995. As the Director of Banasthali Vidyapith, duteous, Prof. Sushila Vyas bestowed fifteen years of her life with full energy, ability and enthusiasm on the development of thousands of students. During her tenure the Vidyapith progressed wonderfully well and become one of the most prestigious universities of India.

Prof. Sushila Vyas took over the post of the President of the Vidyapith on the advise of Smt. Ratan Shastri, the cofounder and president. She was a source of support and inspiration to one and all. She had a great unifying impact on all members as well as component units of the Vidyapith. Her spirit lingers in the Vidyapith and her memons will always be cherished.