Entrance Test for M.Phil. in English (ELT)

Objectives: Apart from testing the candidate's competence in language. it also tests her awareness of the current issues, problems and methods of English language teaching in the global scenario. Good knowledge of English literature and knowledge of various aspects of linguistics and stylistics are also desirable.

Weightage of Marks

 Qualifying examination    ----  100 marks
 Written entrance test      ----  70 marks
  Viva - Voce                   ----  30 marks

         Total Marks            =  200 marks   

Model Paper   


M.Phil. (ELT)

Marks: 70                                                                         Time: 2:30 hrs.

Q.1. Critically evaluate the following verses - lines:

         Long time of cliff  breaking have left a chasm ;
         And in the chasm are foam and yellow sand ; 
         Beyond, red roofs about a narrow wharf
         In cluster ; Then a mouldered church ; and higher
         A long street climbs to one tall toward mill
         And high in heaven behind it a gray down
         With Danish barrows and a hazel wood,
         By autumn nutters haunted flourishes
         Green in a cuplike hollow a down.


 By the road to The contagious hospital
      under the surge of blue
      mottled clouds driven from the
      north - east - a cold wind Beyond , the
      waste of broad, muddy fields
      brown with dried weeds, standing and fallen
      patches of standing water
      the scattering of tall tress
      All along the road the reddish
      purplish, forked, upstanding, twiggy
      stuff of bushes and small tress
      with dead brown leaves under
leafless wines ....... them                 ------------------- 15 marks


Q.2.  Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

    (i).  Fickleness of fashion
    (ii). Public vs private funding in Education
    (ii). Ethical issues in
contemporary society 
    (iv). Downside of present day exam culture
    (v). Teaching of English in India
                                                                       ( In 250 - 300 words)

                                                                                  --------------------- 15 marks

Q.3. (a) Which sentence contains a metaphor ?
        (i)  RTD runs from Madras to Bombay.
        (ii) She runs two miles every morning
        (iii) The river runs Through The city.         -------------- 1 marks
         (b) Identify the pattern of the following sentences structures:
          example  Her face shone: SV (subject + verb)
                         Kate caught a trout.
                         He is living in Delhi.
                         Flore gave him the magic stone.
                         Grahan put the  kitchen in a basket.
                         They painted the door green.           --------------- 6 marks

         (c) Are the following statements True? Substantiate yours answers with illustration -
          (i)   Tense is marked only on the first verb in the verb phrase.   ------ 2 marks 
          (ii)  There is a tense called habitual present.      ------- 2 marks
          (iii)  The verb can convey more information about the action of the verb. Is it continuous complete or incomplete?
                This information is termed aspect.                                             -------------- 5 marks
          (iv)  The verb can convey static and dynamic meaning.    ------- 2 marks
          (v)   Underline the model
auxiliaries :
                 I do like your hat
                 We shall overcome.
                 You may have another cake.
                 We ought to
apologize                 ------------- 2 marks
           (vi) Modal verbs can indicate such thing as intention, possibility, ability, obligation. Give examples for each.   ------ 2 marks

  Q.4.(A) Write short notes on any one of the following critical concepts:
         (i) Formalism
         (ii) Catharsis
         (iii) Psycho analysis
         (iv) semiotics
         (v)  Feminist Culture
         (vi) Acting is lying, so
              actors are dishonest people    --------------- 5

        (B) Identity the quotes ------

        (i) The rarer action is
             in Virtue than in
             vengeance.   ---- 1 marks

        (ii) Was this the face that
             launched a thousand ships?
             And burnt the topless
              towers of Illium?               -------1 marks

         (iii) The child is father of Man;
               And I could wish my days to be
               Become each to each by  natural   piety   ------- 1 marks

         (iv) Beauty is truth, truth beauty-
                                      That is all
                Ye know on earth,
                 and all ye need to know.                           ------------- 1 marks

           (v) The woods are lovely,
                              dark and deep.
                But I have promise to keep,
                And miles to go before I sleep.
                And miles to go before l sleep.          --------------------- 1 marks

            (vi)  His State
                 Is kingly : Thousands at  his bidding speed
                 And post over land and ocean without rest;
                 They also serve who only stand and wait.   ----------------- 1 Marks

       (C). Write brief illustrative notes an any three of the following-

       1. Ode
       2. Ballad
       3. Sonnet
       4. Free Verse
       5. Iambic rhythm
       6. Word Stress                                 ------------------------  Marks 3*3 = 9