B.Tech. / B.Pharm.
B.Tech. Course Structure: The entire programme has 32-36 contact hours per week per semester. The courses contain foundation courses (20%), Core Sciences (10%), Core Mathematics (10%), Analysis and Application oriented courses (20%), disciplinary courses (35%) and Electives (5%). Each programme has one semester of University-Industry linkage project in the last year. The first and second semester of all B.Tech. programmes are common and provide a broad foundation to the students entering into engineering education.

Like all other undergraduate programmes, Engineering/ Pharmacy students also study foundation and vocational courses in their first, second and third year of B.Tech./B.Pharm.

Course Structure

2. B.Tech. EC (Electronics & Communication)
  3. B.Tech. EI (Electronics & Instrumentation)
B.Tech. EE (Electrical & Electronics) 
5. B.Tech. IT (Information Technology)
6. B.Tech. BT (Biotechnology)
7. B.Tech. CE (Chemical Engineering)
8. B.Tech. MT (Mechatronics)
9. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Ph.)