Course Code


EDU 401

Childhood and Growing Up

EDU 460L

Critical Understanding of ICT

EDU 414

Language across the Curriculum

EDU 454P

Internship-I A: Teaching Practice


Discipline Elective (Main Pedagogy)-I


Discipline Elective (Subsidiary Pedagogy)



Course Code


EDU 402

Creating an Inclusive School

EDU 413

Knowledge and Curriculum 

EDU 415

Learning and Teaching

EDU 301L

Reading and Reflecting on Texts

EDU 455P

Internship-IB : Teaching Practice


Discipline Elective (Main Pedagogy)-II



Course Code


EDU 459L

Aesthetic Appreciation through Art and Drama Lab

EDU 502

Assessment for Learning

EDU 503

Contemporary Indian Education

EDU 504

Gender, School and Society

EDU 508

Understanding Disciplines and Subjects

EDU 467L

Understanding the Self and Yoga 




Course Code


EDU 464P

Internship-II A: School Internship

EDU 465P

Internship-II B: Field based Research Project


Reading Elective


 Course Code

List of Reading Elective

 EDU 461R

Disaster Management Education

 EDU 468R

Women's Education

 EDU 462R

Environmental Education


List of Discipline Elective

Main Pedagogy

Course Code

Course Name

EDU 436

Pedagogy of English - I

EDU 437

Pedagogy of English - II

EDU 438

Pedagogy of General Science - I

EDU 439

Pedagogy of General Science - II

EDU 440

Pedagogy of Hindi - I

EDU 441

Pedagogy of Hindi - II

EDU 442

Pedagogy of Mathematics - I

EDU 443

Pedagogy of Mathematics - II

EDU 444

Pedagogy of Sanskrit - I

EDU 445

Pedagogy of Sanskrit - II

EDU 446

Pedagogy of Social Science - I

EDU 447

Pedagogy of Social Science - II


Subsidiary Pedagogy

Course Code

Course Name

EDU 416

Pedagogy of Biology

EDU 417

Pedagogy of Chemistry

EDU 418

Pedagogy of Commerce

EDU 419

Pedagogy of Computer Science

EDU 420

Pedagogy of Drawing and Painting

EDU 421

Pedagogy of Economics

EDU 422

Pedagogy of English

EDU 423

Pedagogy of Geography

EDU 425

Pedagogy of Hindi

EDU 426

Pedagogy of History

EDU 427

Pedagogy of Home Science

EDU 428

Pedagogy of Mathematics

EDU 429

Pedagogy of Music

EDU 431

Pedagogy of Physics

EDU 432

Pedagogy of Political Science

EDU 433

Pedagogy of Sanskrit


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