Group-A :
Core Course

Course      A -1  Education in Emerging Indian Society
                A -2  Teaching Learning Process
                A -3  Learner and Learning Process
                A -4  Educational Evaluation
                A -5  Educational Administration and School Management

Group-B : Methodology of Teaching
1. Methodology of Teaching School Subject-1
                 2. Methodology of Teaching School Subject-2

Group-C : Practice Based Areas of Study
                C -2 Educational Guidance and Counselling
                C -3 Educational Technology
Note: C -1 is compulsory & every student has to select either C2 or C3.

Group-D : Socially Useful Productive work (SUPW)
Preparation of improvised material
                 - Preparation of one artistic, skilled material bandhej, regzine work, doll making, use of waste material etc.
                 - Making useful material using locally available resources.
                 - Any suitable activity/ activities decided by the Department

                    3. Practical experience in preparing them
                    4. Providing training to school children in preparing atleast one kind of material.

Group-E : Practice of Teaching

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