Doctoral Research

Physical Education    
1 Ms. Sophie Titus  Student’s Teacher’s and Administrators Attitude towards Physical Education. 04.03.2001
2 Mrs. Usha Tiwari The Influence of Socio-Economic Status of Parents on Health Related Physical Fitness of their Daughters. 19.01.2011
3 Mr. Syed Maqsood Ahmed J³eefkeÌÊelJe efJekeÀeme kesÀ meboYe& ceW HejcHejeiele SJeb DeeOegefvekeÀ KesueeW keÀe efJeMues<eCeelcekeÀ DeO³e³eve 19.01.2011
4 Mr. Raj Veer Singh ogef½evlee kesÀ mevoYe& ceW efJeefYeVe mlej kesÀ GÊej-ÒeosMe kesÀ G®®e SJeb efvecve GHeueeqyOe DeefYeÒesjCee Jeeues OeeJekeÀeW kesÀ mecee³eespeve keÀe legueveelcekeÀ DeO³e³eve 19.01.2011
5 Mr.Jaswant Singh Sisodiya Effect of Age, Sex, Height and Weight on the Performance of General Motor Ability. 19.01.2011
6 Ms. Shikha Sharma
A Study of Indian Women’s Motives to Fitness Exercise  09.10.2011
7 Shri Vineet Mehta
A Study of Sources of Stress and Coping Strategies Adopted by Different levels of Athletes in National Capital Region 09.10.2011
8 Sh. Ashok Palsania
Effect of Isometric, Isotonic and Combined Exercise on the Performance of Physical Fitness Components 09.10.2011
9 Shri Vijay Bahadur Singh Bisht
Indian Soccer Referees : A Socio-Economic and Psycho-Analytical Study 09.10.2011
10 Shri.Ajay Kumar Morolia  The Relationship of Self Efficacy & Job Stress to Job Satisfaction among the Physical Education Teachers of Rajasthan Schools 20.03.2013
11 Mr.Rajesh Kumar  A Comparative Study of Psycho-Physiological Differences Between State and National Basketball Players 20.03.2013
12 Mr.Randhir Singh Pathania  Analytic Study of Motivation and Personality of Engineering Students in Relation to their  Socio-Economic Status. 20.03.2013
13 Ms.Shipra Pande  A Study on Attitude of Adolescents Towards Wellness 20.03.2013
14 Prahlad Kumar Sharma    
J³eefkeÌleiele SJeb meeceteffnkeÀ Kesueebs ceW Yeeie uesves Jeeues Menjer SJeb ie´eceerCe íe$eeW kesÀ ceveesJew%eeefvekeÀ IeìkeÀebs keÀe legueveelcekeÀ DeO³e³eve 12.03.2014
15 Ms. Priyanka Singh Study of Sports Infrastructure and Facilities in Schools and Colleges of Purvanchal 19.02.2015
16 Mr. Prabhat Pandey A Comparative Study of Selected Anthropometric and Motor Performance Variables of the Indian v/s Foreign Students of International Baccalaureate World Schools in India 19.02.2015
17 Mr. Amit Kumar Singh A Study of Coordinative Abilities of Indian Soccer Players in Relation to Different Levels of Participation 19.02.2015
18 Ms. Vibha Pathak Effect of Modern Conditioning Training Program on Speed, Agility and Quickness in Relation to Somato Types 19.02.2015
19 Ms. Roopa Devi A Comparative Study of Selected Psychological Variables Between Physical Education Students and other Professional Course Students 19.02.2015
20 Mr. Manish Kumar A Comparative Study of the Attitude of the Principals, Teachers and Secondary School Students of Thailand and India Towards Physical Education 19.02.2015
21 Ms. Kavita Verma Arjuna Awardee Rajkumar Ahlawat-An Eminent Athlete: His Personality As Coach and Administrator- A Case Study 19.02.2015
22 Mr. Sunil Kumar A Comparative Study of Attitude of the Students and Their Parents of International Baccalaureate World School and Haryana Board School Towards Physical Education 19.02.2015
23 Ms. Chetna Chaudhary Construction of Health Related Physical Fitness Norms for University Women 19.02.2015
24 Mr. Manish Kumar Vats Padmashree Madhumita Bisht, the Indian Badminton Legend: A Case Study 19.02.2015
25 Ms. Abha Pandey A Comparative Study of Neurotic Personality Factors of Female Athletes and Non Athletes 19.02.2015
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