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1 Mrs. Mridula Saxena The Energy Status of College Going girls of Jaipur. 21.03.1994
2 Mrs. Bharti Jain A Study of Fluorosis in Newai Tehsil, District Tonk, Rajasthan. 04.03.1998
3 Mrs. Indu Bansal Development Comparisons between Girls Residing with Working and Non-working Mothers. 23.03.1996
4 Mrs. Leena J. Pooranchand. A Study of Factors Affecting Development of Moral Values Among Adolescents.   14.03.1993
5 Mrs. Shashi Jain Secular Trend of Growth in Urban School Girls. 14.03.1993
6 Mrs. Vandana Environmental Influences on Cognitive Development of Preschoolers (3-6 years.) 16.02.2004
7 Mrs. Suman Pant Studies in Finishing of Wool and Wool Blend Fabrics with Reference to Improvements in its Properties Relevant to Making of Garments (SKIRTS). 28.03.2003
8 Mrs. Achla Gakkhar Impact of ICDS Programme on Behavioural Changes of its Respondents of Tonk Distt. of Rajasthan. 28.03.2003
9 Mrs. Nirmita Kishore Evaluation and Enhancement of the Nutritional Quality of Some Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata) Varieties and Development of Food Products. 25.02.2005
10 Ms. Deeksha Sharma Breastfeeding Practices and Mother-Child Nutritional and Health Status : A Comparative Study of Low and Middle Socioeconomic Population. 28.02.2006
11 Ms. Nidhi Agarwal
Appraisal and Utilization of Garden Cress (Lepidium sativum L.) as a Nourishing and Therapeutic Agent. 12.03.2014
12 Ms. Archana
Exploration of Macrotyloma uniflorum (Horse Gram Alias Kulthi) for Nourishing, Nutraceutical and Product Development Application. 12.03.2014
13 Ms. Shubhra Saraswat                
Biochemical Evaluation of the Health Enhancing Effects of Probiotics Augmented by Some Non Conventional Foodstuffs with Prebiotic Activity and Development of Food Products Incorporating them. 12.03.2014
14 Ms. Ruchi Chaudhary                 
Evaluation of the Nourishing Potential of Rajmah (Phaseolus Varieties) and Harnessing it through Recipe Making and Product Development Endeavours. 12.03.2014
15 Ms. Namita Bhatnagar         
Single Parent Families: Problems of Parents and Children – A Multilevel Analysis of Role of Human and Material Resources. 12.03.2014
16 Ms. Deep Shikha Pandey        
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17 Ms. Chandra Kumari Family VS Institutional Support System for Elderly : A Critical Appraisal. 28.02.2006
18 Mrs. Neelam Chaturvedi Evaluation of the Barks of Some Indigenous Plants as Antidiabetic Agents and Development of Food Products Using Barks as Ingredients. 24.02.2007
19 Ms. Reena Aggarwal A Study on Feltability of Indian Wool. 24.02.2008
20 Mrs. Saroj Yadav An Ecofriendly Dyeing of Silk and Silk Blend. 24.02.2008
21 Mrs. Manisha Gahlot Impact of Blending Oak Tasar with Viscose on Performance 24.02.2008
22 Mrs. Sharda Development of Mathematical and Science Concepts in Primary Grade Children. 24.02.2008
25 Ms. Shikha Mishra
Multi-Informant Assessment of Temperament and Family Environment as Predictors of Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviour. 12.03.2014
26 Mrs. Prem Lata Development of New Designs for Washable Diapers. 16.01.2010
27 Mrs. Pushpanjali Development of Value Addition Techniques for Durries of Rajasthan. 16.01.2010
28 Mrs. Komal Chauhan  Biochemical Evaluation of Lipid and Oxidative Stress Modulating Effects of Certain Neutraceuticals and Development of Food Products Incorporating Them 19.01.2011
29 Ms. Monika Jain Cognitive and behavioural effects of iron deficiency anemia in school age girls 19.01.2011
30 Mrs. Poonam Tewari Opportunities and Constraints of Women Entrepreneurs Under Mahila Dairy Vikas Pariyojana of Uttarakhand State 19.01.2011
31 Mrs. Aabha Gupta Knowledge, Attitude and Communication Needs of School Teachers Towards Contraceptives, STDs and HIV/AIDS 19.01.2011
32 Ms. Anuradha Saxena Impact of Developed Training Package on Knowledge and Attitude of Rural Women Regarding Selected Aspects of Infant Care Practices 19.01.2011
33 Mrs. Ruchi Kulshrestha Impact of District Poverty Initiative Project (D.P.I.P.) in Churu District of Rajasthan 19.01.2011
34 Mrs. Ekta Singh Whey Proteins as a Non Conventional Source of Food Protein: Biochemical Evaluation of Health and Nutritional Effects 09.10.2011
35 Ms. Suneeta Paswan An Exploratory Study of Sociometric Status of 6-8 Years Old Children. 09.10.2011
36 Mrs. Charu Vyas
Patterns of Child Maltreatment and its Relationship with Potential Maltreatment Tendencies among School Going Children. 09.10.2011
37 Ms. Swati Purwar
Studies on Performance and Effect of Antimicrobial Finishes on Cotton 09.10.2011
38 Mrs.Priti Mohata  Adoption of Animal Husbandry Practices by Rural Women in Bikaner District 20.03.2013
39 Ms. Punam Tiwari                    A Study on the Usage of Advanced Communication Media by Extension Personnel in Bihar State.
40 Ms.Sakshi Shail  A Study of the Effect of Certain Chemicals as Pretreatments and as Assisting Agents on Printing and Dyeing of Wool, Wool Blend Fabrics and the Consumer Utility of the Same 20.03.2013
41 Mrs.Meena Milind  Effect of Finishing on Properties of Knit Fabric and Its Application on Garments Like Skirts, Designed for Performance in Related Properties 20.03.2013
42 Mrs.Vivek Singh  Value Addition in Canvas Embroidery 20.03.2013
43 Ms.Neha Singh  Effect of finishing and laundering agents on the UV protective properties of cotton fabric 20.03.2013
44 Ms.Anjali Sharma  Effect of Camel Hair – Wool and Camel Hair-Acrylic Blending on Properties of Knitwear 20.03.2013
45 Ms.Anupama Srivastava  Association of Depression with Personality and Family Variable of Adolescents 20.03.2013
46 Ms.Jaya Pandey  Evaluation Study of Nursery Schools, Their Functional Efficiency and Parental Expectation 20.03.2013
47 Mrs.Deepa Yadav  Development and Evaluation of Skin Friendly Nappies for Infants 20.03.2013
48 Mr.Seema Awasthi  Life Skills for Quality of Life Among Adolescents 20.03.2013
49 Ms. Shikha Bhardwaj Study on Performance of Stinging Nettle/Acrylic Blended Yarns and Fabric 19.02.2015
50 Ms. Neeta Nagpal Recycling of Rags-An Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Technique for Yarn Making (A Case Study of Shoddy Industry at Panipat, Haryana) 19.02.2015
51 Ms. Gurvee Chauhan Suitability of Plaster of Paris as Resist Material in Dyeing with Different Dyes 19.02.2015
52 Ms. Nidhi Clothing Values and Their Influence on Clothing Prefrences 19.02.2015
53 Ms. Raj Kumari Jain Development of Cotton and Cotton Blended Knitted Khadi Fabrics for Apparels 19.02.2015
54 Ms. Ankita Significant Correlates of Prosocial Behavior Among Adolescents 19.02.2015
55 Ms. Dipti Srivastava Maternal Employment : Consequences on Parenting Practices and Child Outcomes 19.02.2015
56 Ms. Parul Tripathi Assessment of Guidance Need of College Students and Efficacy of the Existing Guidance Programmes 19.02.2015
57 Mrs. Hemlata Verma Empowerment of Tribal Women Through Participation in Panchayati Raj Institutions 19.02.2015
58 Ms. Swati Dixit Multi-Informant Assessment of the Visually Impaired Adults 19.02.2015

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