List of Faculty:





Specialization/ Research Interest

 1. Ms. Anjali Jain  
Assistant Professor 
Enzyme Technology, Bio-fuels, Water Treatment 
 2. Mr. Ashok Kumar Yadav 
Assistant Professor
Alternative Fuels
 3. Mr. Depak Kumar  
Assistant Professor  M.Tech.  
Fuel, Waste Water Treatment & Conservation of Energy
4. Ms. Meenakshi Assistant Professor  M.Tech. Computer Aided Process and Equipment Design/CFD Simulation (ANSYS), Process intensification, Nanofluids
5. Ms. Priyanka Bisht Research Associate M.Tech. Thermal Engineering/CFD Simulation (ANSYS) for heat transfer enhancement using different passive techniques
 6. Dr. S.C. Shukla   Assistant Professor & Head
Multiphase Flow,  Mineral Beneficiation, Rheology
 7. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Patel Assistant Professor  M. Tech.

Modeling, Simulation and Control, Chemical Reaction Engineering

 8. Mr. Saurabh Joshi 
Assistant Professor
Ion Exchange Resin, Waste Water Treatment, Heavy Metral Removal, Industrial Pollution Abatement, Waste to Energy, Unit Operations  
9. Dr. Somen Jana Assistant Professor Ph.D. Membrane Separation Process, Solar energy and Biochemical Engineering
10. Ms. Vibha Verma Assistant Professor M.Tech. Production of Bio-lubricants/Biofuels and Mechanical Operations


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