Doctoral Research

Pharmaceutical Chemistry    
Sr. No. Name of Research Candidates Research Topic Date of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
1 Mr. Sarvesh Paliwal In Silico Structure-Based and Ligand-Based Drug Design Approach to Develop Novel Pharmacophore Models of Human Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPARy) Agonists  16.01.2010
2 Ms. Rajani Chauhan Synthesis of Novel N-Substituted Indole Derivatives and Study of their Biological Properties. 19.01.2011
3 Ms.Mahima Pal   Discovery of Novel Angiotensin Receptor Antagonists from Synthetic Compound Database Using In-Silico Ligand Based Virtual Screening Approach 20.03.2013
4 Ms.Ankita  Target and Ligand Based Pharmacophore Modeling, Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Analysis and Virtual Screening of Druggable Antitrypanosomal Compounds 20.03.2013
5 Ms.Jyoti Sharma  Ligand and Structure Based Pharmacophore Design of JNK-1 and DPP-IV Inhibitors: Application to Identification of Novel Leads 20.03.2013
6 Ms.Supriya Singh  Pharmacophore and QSAR Modeling for In-Silico Screening of Topoisomerase-I Inhibitors: An Approach to Gain Insight into Structural Requirement 20.03.2013
7 Ms. Varsha
Formulation Development and Evaluation of Some New Anti-Osteoporotic Agents. 12.03.2014
8 Ms. Anubhuti Pandey  
Virtual and Experimental Screening Protocol to Identify Potential Urotensin-II Inhibitors: Application of MLR, PLS, NN  and Pharmacophore Mapping  12.03.2014
9 Ms. Divya Yadav       
Discovery and Optimization of High-Affinity Druggable Candidates for HIV-1 Protease by Multivariate Analysis,  Pharmacophore Modeling and Database Mining. 12.03.2014
10 Mr. Rishi Ranjan Pandey Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and Evaluation of Some Novel Compounds for Local Contraceptive and Anticancer Activity 19.02.2015
11 Ms. Anupama Mittal In-Silico High Throughput Screening for Discovery of New PDE-1 and PDE-5 Inhibitors as Antihypertensive Agents 19.02.2015
12 Mr. Sibaji Sarkar Synthesis of Some Novel (1,3) Benzothiazole Heterocyclies for Pharmacological Screening 19.02.2015
13 Ms. Vandana Singh Studies on the Synthesis of Novel 1,5-Benzodiazepine Substituted Derivatives of s-triazines of Biological Interest 19.02.2015
14 Ms. Shivani Sharma Synthesis of Azole Derivatives Optimized for Anticancer Activity 19.02.2015
15 Mr. Harish Kumar QSAR and Molecular Modeling Studies on Some Series of Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors 19.02.2015
1 Mr. Shailendra Kumar Paliwal
Corneal Permeation and Mucoadhesion Studies of Naproxen and Dexamethasone Formulation Containing Bio – Adhesive Polymers: A Novel Drug Delivery Approach 09.10.2011
2 Mrs.Seemi Siddiqui  Transferosomes of Paclitaxel for Topical Application in Melanoma 20.03.2013
3 Ms. Vivek Dave            
Design and Evaluation of Aceclofenac and Esmolol Hydrochloride Containing Ocular Durg Delivery System 12.03.2014
1 Mr. Dayananda Bhoumik Pharmacological Evaluation of Sesbania Grandiflora (Linn.) with Special Reference to Antiulcer & Hepatoprotective Activity 19.02.2015
2 Mr. Sachdev Yadav Elucidation of Lead Encephalopathy in Neonatal Swiss Albino Mice 19.02.2015
1 Shri D.P. Chatterjee PHYTOCHEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL STUDY OF Cuscuta refelexa Roxb. 09.10.2011
2 Mr.Swapnil Sharma  A Study of Therapeutic Potential of Citrullus Lanatus and Cucumis Sativus in Gastrointestinal Ailments 20.03.2013
3 Mr.Vipin Kumar Garg  Ethnopharmacological Evaluation of Cynodon Dactylon, Ficus Benghalensis, Carissa Carandas: New Regimen for Inflammation, Fever, Pain and Wounds 20.03.2013
4 Mr.Gyanendra Singh  Studies on Antidepressant Activity of Cuminum Cyminum and Trachyspermum Ammi 20.03.2013
5 Ram Kumar Sahu      
Preparation and Evaluation of Skin Care Formulation Containing Substances from Plant Origin. 12.03.2014
6 Ms. Naveen Kumar Choudhary           
Phytochemical and Antidiabetic Studies on Calotropis gigantea. 12.03.2014
Chemical Engineering    
1 Ms. Aditi Sharma Lipase Catalyzed Synthesis of DHA Rich Triglycerides from Fish Oils by Selective Hydrolysis and Esterification 19.02.2015
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