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 One & half hour session was conducted by CA V. K. Jain, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Jaipur Branch on January 21, 2014 at WISDOM, Banasthali University. He addressed Management & Commerce students about the investment avenues available in the market with special emphasis on tax benefits plan. He also elaborated pros and cons of different investment plans. Students were quite enthusiastic about the session and they raised lots of queries which were magnificently handled by the resource person. He stated that he would like to conduct more sessions of the same nature in coming days with other departments & informal women centre as well on the same topic so that they can invest their money in a better way.

One more session was conducted by Secretary, CS Rajesh Gupta, ICSI, Jaipur Chapter on February 01, 2014 at WISDOM, Banasthali University. He addressed Management & Commerce students about the career opportunities as Company Secretary. He provided details about the full course and he also motivated the students to do CS with their U.G. or P.G. program. Students were keen to know the difference between various professional courses and the future growth for all. They discussed this in detail as for being a Management & Commerce student options are very much available but student have to select the course of their interest. They would like to conduct more awareness programs for other courses as well.



Shri Puneet Bindlish ,Director, Institute Affairs at IIT-BHU Global Alumni Association  (March 2011 – July 2013), Co-Founder/VP at Svechha Foundation (November 2006 – July 2013), Director at Infogile Technologies (P) Limited (October 2006 – Present), Secretary at Association of IIT-BHU Alumni (April 2006 – July 2013) interacted with WISDOM faculty as well as students  from Jan. 26-28, 2014 and highlighted important ancient holy texts like Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and other Shastra references and Macauly’s minute. Having Mining Engineering background, he  has now dedicated himself to the study of  Indian culture. He is learning and exploring and  the Vedic Shastras and Vidya. He gave lectures on relevance of Vedic Ways of Learning in the Contemporary Management Education System and Research Profiling for Indigenous Fundamental Research. He suggested if someone desire to know any culture or civilization, then one must know its Language, Clothing, Medicine, Food, Expression, etc.

Shri Puneet shared with us in detail the research methodology to be adopted covering different aspects like definition, ontological exploration, etc. He felt Banasthali  University provides that environment and education wherein the students can be “Bhartiya” instead “Indian”. His belief matches  with Banasthali  University’s belief and creed which is  that ‘Education is the most powerful liberating force’.




A workshop on SPSS was conducted on December 07, 2013 at WISDOM with Shri Sumanta Biswas from IBM as the resource person. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. Harsh Purohit who also briefed the faculties and research scholars from various departments about significance of research for academicians.  The 54 participants got a good opportunity to learn about SPSS Statistics 21.0, data handling, data preparation, missing value analysis, building & editing charts, creating & editing graph board visualization including SPSS, descriptive statistics, dimension reduction (Factor Analysis), classification & segmentation techniques predictive techniques:  automatic linear modeling and regression analysis. The workshop also involved a lot of interaction between the participants and instructor which made it more meaningful.




“You can get started on entrepreneurship at any age in tune with the experience of many successful women and Banasthali Vidyapith, being the largest university for women’s education in India, is truly a great place to make such a start,” said Naren Bakshi, Chairman, International Ventures Group. On Nov. 20, 2013, a special lecture was organized by Business Line under BL Club in collaboration with energy corporation Cairn India for students of Faculty of Management Studies -WISDOM, Banasthali Vidyapith by Shri Naren Bakshi. The theme was topic ‘Unlimited Global Opportunities for Youth as Corporate Entrepreneurs’. He stressed on the need to pick concepts and skills such as yoga, meditation, music, dance from ancient India to innovatively conceptualize new areas of business that could contribute to economic progress and development of the country. He also talked about success mantras for budding women managers, particularly the much needed focus on the five Ps — passion, persistence, people, pragmatism and profitability. He also advocated the need to maintain work life balance, innovate and always ‘give back’ once successful.  Shri Bakshi also praised the efforts made by Banasthali Vidyapith in nurturing women in India and quoted it as a perfect example of social entrepreneurship.




The IBM Business Analytic using SPSS workshop was conducted from March 16- 19, 2013 in WISDOM, Banasthali University. The sessions were taken up by Mr. Shiv Shankar from IBM. The focus area of the workshop was to help the students know how to analyze the results derived from SPSS. The session aimed to provide a practical exposure to the students about the results obtained from the software. The workshop had a combination of students from Banasthali Vidyapith campus with faculty members from main campus making the total strength reach 30.

The study began with introduction to data input in SPSS. A detailed discussion on the types of variables in SPSS was conducted. The session progressed with understanding of hypothesis testing, correlation, linear regression and decision tree and various terms and concept attached to them. The instructor used various demo files and examples for clarity of concepts for the participants. The workshop also involved a lot of interaction between the participants and instructor which made it more meaningful.

The workshop concluded with discussion on some case studies. The participants were also required to register themselves on the official website of IBM Business Analytics for more case studies, study material and other updates.



A workshop on ‘Research Methodology’ was conducted during September 08-09, 2012 at WISDOM with Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari and Dr. Pankaj Kumar (New Delhi) as the resource persons. The 45 participants got a good opportunity to learn about constraints/ determinants/factors of data types, decisions of data structure, formation of objectives and hypotheses, data analysis tools, research paper and report writing.  The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. Siddharth Shastri who also briefed the participants from various departments about significance of research for academicians.



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