List of Ph.D. Degree awarded in Department of Commerce and Management
S. No. Name of Research Candidates Research Topic Date of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
1 Mrs. Ipshita Bansal  Management Concepts in Ancient Indian Psycho-philosophic Thought and its Significance for Present Day Organisations. 18.03.2002
2 Ms. Neetu Jain Indian Contribution to Management Thought: An Analytical Study of Jain Scriptures and Management Ideas. 28.02.2006
3 Ms. Seema Pahariya Dynamics of Referral Services: Client's Perceptions and System's Response with Reference to Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) in District Health Systems. 24.02.2007
4 Ms. Divya Kirti Gupta The Study of Societal Orientation of the Selected Service Organizations vis-à-vis Perception of the Society Towards their Societal Impact. 24.02.2008
5 Ms. Jaya Srivastava The Relevance of Gandhian Thought for Contemporary Management Systems. 24.02.2008
6 Mrs. Aruna Das Gupta Impact of Vivekananda's Thoughts on Social and Corporate Trends and Behaviour: Ideas for Creating a Sacro-Civic World in Social Management. 26.03.2009
7 Mrs. Pratima Verma Values Based Management: Perspectives from Indian Ethos, Modern & Spiritual Leaders and Management Scholars. 26.03.2009
9 Mrs. Abira Saran
Emergence of Corporate Women Leadership in India. 16.01.2010
10 Mrs. Kakoli Sen A Comparative Study of Occupational Role Stress Among Executive in Banking Sector with Special Reference to the National Capital Region of India 19.01.2011
11 Mrs. Ruby Gupta Developing and Implementing Competencies Framework for Various Functions of HR 19.01.2011
12 Mr.Sudhir Jain A Study on Control Mechanism for Prevention of Frauds in Public Sector Banks: From Strategic Imperatives to Strategic Initiatives 19.01.2011
13 Mrs. Molshree Lal A Study of Mutual Fund Investors' Behavior in Selected Cities of Southern Rajasthan with Specific Reference to Systematic Investment Plan 19.01.2011
14 Mr. Rajeev Jain
Investors' Attitude Towards Secondary Market Equity Investments and Influence of Behavioural Finance in Indore and Ujjain Cities 09.10.2011
15 Ms. Richa Chaudhary
A Study of Customer Relationship Management in ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Its Retail Activities 09.10.2011
16 Ms. Sweta Agarwal
Retail Investment in Equity IPOs: A Study of Investors' Awareness, Evaluation Techniques and IPO Performance 09.10.2011
17 Mr. Lokanath Mishra
A Study of Financial Planning Awareness, Education and Advisory from an Indian Perspective with Special Reference to the Educated Middle Class 09.10.2011
18 Mr. Debarshi Mukhopadhyay
A Study on The Web-enabled Multimedia Instructional System - A Comprehensive Management Framework and A Futuristic Perspective for Strategies in Management Education 09.10.2011
19 Mrs.Bhumija Chouhan  A Comparative Study of Organisation Culture in Higher Education and Its Impact on Faculty Members in Selected Institutes of Rajasthan 20.03.2013
20 Mrs.Sarika Srivastava  Investors' Attitude towards Secondary Market Equity Investments: A Study in Allahabad and Varanasi Cities 20.03.2013
21 Ms.Farah Naqvi  A Study of Emotional Labor in the Education Industry: Moderators and Outcome 20.03.2013
22 Mrs.Nitu Saxena  Emerging Patterns of Consumer Behaviour and their Influence on the Organised Retailing - A Case Study of Shopping Malls and Specialty Stores in Jaipur  20.03.2013
23 Mrs.Jyoti Vyas Bajpai  A Study of Work Stress and Quality of Work Life as Determinants of Managerial Creativity 20.03.2013
24 Ms.Richa Dixit Improving Customer Relationship Management Strategies through Training Program in Rajasthan Zone of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited 20.03.2013
25 Mr.Vivek Joshi  Securitization and its Impact on UAE Real-Estate: A Study of Process, Techniques, Relevance, Islamic Securitization and Performance in UAE 20.03.2013
26 Mrs.Anshu Handoo  A Study Determinants of Capital Structure in Indian Companies 20.03.2013
27 Ms.Preeti Sharma  A Study of Retail Investment Preference in Indian Mutual Fund Industry with Special Reference to Rajasthan 20.03.2013
28 Mrs.Kanika Gupta  Determinants of Underpricing of Indian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Attitude of Investor Community 20.03.2013
29 Mrs.Neeti Kasliwal  A Study of Factors Affecting Doctors Prescribing Behaviour  towards Marketing Mix Tools of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry with special Reference to Rajasthan 20.03.2013
30 Mr.Kamal Kumar Gupta  Service Quality in Internet Banking: An Empirical Study of Internet Banking Customers 20.03.2013
31 Ms.Rashmi Sharma  Achievement Motivation of Managers in Relation to their Age, Education, Gender and Growth Opportunities: A Study with Special Reference to ONGC 20.03.2013
32 Ms.Sweety Jain  A Comparative Study of Performance of Public, Private and Foreign Banks in View of the Banking Reforms in India 20.03.2013
33 Ms. Nandita Sen
Influence of Organizational Change on Employee Job Satisfaction (A Study of Private Sector Banks in India) 12.03.2014
34 Ms. Anjali Rai
An Analytical Study of an Organizational Taxonomy for Organizing Content and Aiding Navigation in IT Companies. 12.03.2014
35 Mr. Nishant Joshi
An Empirical Study of Promotional Mix Strategies Adopted By Selected Soybean Processing Companies. 12.03.2014
36 Ms. Sowmya C.S.
Crucible Transformational Chemistry of Leadership - An Empirical Study of Experience Based Leadership Development in the IT Industry in India. 12.03.2014
37 Ms. Niharika Bajpai
A Study on Gandhian Thought and Praxis : Insights for Managing Contemporary Organisations. 12.03.2014
38 Ms. Priti Hingorani
Mapping the Emotional Competencies of the Prominent Leaders of 20th Century. 12.03.2014
39 Ms. Richa Narayan Singh       
Retention Strategies - A Study of Select Information Technology Companies. 12.03.2014
40 Ms. Ritu Sharma 
Role of E-Business in Boosting Domestic and International Sales of Gems and Jewellery Industry in India. 12.03.2014
41  Ms. Nidhi Arora 
Impact of Stress on Personal and Professional Lives of Army Personnel : A Study of Jawans and Officers of Indian Army. 12.03.2014
42 Mr. Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay 
A Study of Customer-Perceived Service Quality and Its Impact on Customers' Behavioral Responses and Customer Satisfaction in Fitness Services. 12.03.2014
43 Mr. Ankur Roy  
Relationship Between Export Performance and Internal Factors with Reference to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Rajasthan  12.03.2014
44 Mr. Winsy Abraham   
A Study on Managing Gender Diversity in IT Organisations in India. 12.03.2014
45 Ms. Shevata     
Organizational Commitment : A Study of Private Sector in the National Capital Region (NCR) 12.03.2014
46 Ms. Rinku Sharma
Comparative Analysis of Consumer Expectations and Experiences with Respect to Banking Services. 12.03.2014
47 Mr. Pranav Parijat   
A Critique of Modern System of Business Management and an Alternate Spiritual Approach 12.03.2014
48 Ms. Aditi Mathur           
Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance: A Case of Higher Education Institutions in Bikaner, Rajasthan 12.03.2014
49 Ms. Shivi Khanna A Study of Determinants of Long Term Corporate Borrowings by Manufacturing Industry in India
50 Mrs. Vibha Tiwari A Critical Study of Team Building in Women's Self-Help Groups with Special Reference to Karnataka 19.02.2015
51 Ms. Adela Kazmi An Analytical Study of Women Managers in Selected Organizations in the State of Rajasthan (A Case Study of Ajmer District) 19.02.2015
52 Ms. Mohita Mathur Retail Investors Attitude Towards Investment in Secondary Equity Market and  the Impact of Behavioural Finance: A Study in New Delhi City 19.02.2015
53 Ms. Anju Gulla Television Advertisements Targeting Children: Role & Impact of Children in Influencing the Buying Behaviour of Parents with Focus on Specific Product Categories 19.02.2015
54 Ms. Deepti Goyal A Study of Work Culture of Leading Professional Educational Institutes and Its Impact on Faculty (With Specific Reference to Delhi-NCR Region) 19.02.2015
55 Ms. Parul Aggarwal A Study of the Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Practices in Selected Manufacturing Organizations of Northern Rajasthan and NCR 19.02.2015
56 Mrs. Poonam Malik Impact of SHE Policies & Other HR Practices on Job Satisfaction & Organization Commitment of Employees in Select Units of Textile Industry 19.02.2015
57 Mr. Ravi Changle A Study Measuring Risk of Public and Private Sector Banks Using Garch Model 19.02.2015
58 Ms. Nidhi Choudhary An Analysis of Commodities Market Volatality and Lead Lag Relationship Between Spot and Future Markets 19.02.2015
59 Ms. Rajni Khosla A Study of Training Practices in Small and Medium Enterprises in the Electronic Sector with Reference to the National Capital Region (NCR) 19.02.2015
60 Mr. Ompal Singh Employee Perception of Human Capital Development & Management - An Empirical Study of Teachers Working in Institutions of Management Education in Delhi NCR 19.02.2015
61 Ms. Hema D. A Study on Corporate Governance in India-A Holistic Perspective 16.02.2016
62 Ms. Gauri Anand An Analytical Study of Contemporary Indian Spiritual Movements Lessons for Corporate and Social Transformation 16.02.2016
63 Ms. Priyanka Vijay A Study of Retail Investor's Attitude for Investment in Equity Linked Saving Schemes, Sectoral Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds 16.02.2016
64 Ms. Jyoti Singhal Effectiveness of ERP in Manufacturing Organization
65 Ms. Sansriti Pareek An Analytical Study of Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Case Study of Ranthambore National Park 16.02.2016
66 Ms. Ankita Srivastava Motivation of Academic Staff - A Comparative Study of Selected Government and Private Management Institutes of Delhi/NCR 16.02.2016
67 Ms. Mansi Mathur A Study of Financial Performance of Private Sector Banks of India During   2003-2013 16.02.2016
68 Mr. Manish Sharma A Study of the Relationship Between Personality Traits According to Moon Signs and Consumer Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Automobiles 16.02.2016
69 Mr. Sanjay Pande Role of Moral Identity, Emotions & Reasoning in Individual's Corruption Decision Making Process in Organisations & Use of Advantageous Comparison for Self Justification 16.02.2016
70 Ms. Megha Aggarwal An Analysis of Indian Union Budget Using Crystal Maze : A Holistic Approach 16.02.2016
71 Ms. Pooja Choudhary Attitude of Retail Customers, Employees & Concerned Government Authorities Towards E-Banking 16.02.2016
72 Ms. Sapna Dadwal Impact of Customer Relationship Management Processes on Firm's Sales with Special Reference to Pepsico 16.02.2016
73 Ms. Neetu Gangaprasad Sharma An Empirical Study on Service Quality Parameters and Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Retail Banking Activities in Select Public and Private Sector Banks 16.02.2016
74 Ms. Sakshi Saxena Herding Behaviour in the Indian Stock Market: An Empirical Study 16.02.2016
75 Ms. Gargi Pant Shukla Female Faculty Members' Investment Decision Making for Retirement Planning in the Shadow of Holistic Decision Making Model 16.02.2016
76 Ms. Supreet Ahluwalia Comparative Analysis of Consumer Attitude Towards Credit Card Offerings by Major Financial Institutions in UAE 16.02.2016
77 Ms. Suruchi Sharma Impact of Gender & Investor Sophistication: A Behavioral Finance Study in Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur & Jaipur 16.02.2016
78 Ms. Taru Baswan An Analytical Study of Consumer Behavior Towards Consumer Durables- A Case Study of Electronic Goods 16.02.2016
79 Mr. Kaushik Paul Roadmap for Restructuring Indian Railways : Learning from Selected Global Case Studies 16.02.2016
80 Ms. Haritika Sabharwal Empirical Study on Testing the Semi Strong Efficiency of the Indian Stock Market 16.02.2016
81 Ms. Garima Mittal Motivation of Women Students Towards Sports and Cultural Activities: A Study with Special Reference to Banasthali Vidyapith 16.02.2016
82 Mr. Amit Dixit A Study of Elements Work of Influence Branding of Management Institutes in Madhya Pradesh 16.02.2016
83 Md. Chand Rashid Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Private Labels and National Brands with Special Reference to Men's Apparel Category in NCR Region 16.02.2016
84 Ms. Freda Swaminathan A Study on the Dimensions of Cultural Values in Contemporary Indian Advertising  A Consumer Perspective 16.02.2016
85 Ms. Rama Goel A Study of Women Professionals at Work Place (An Empirical Study of Service Industry in India) 14.10.2016
86 Ms. Sadhvi Mehrotra Character Competence of Indian Banking Sector: Conceptual Perspectives and an Empirical Study 14.10.2016
87 Ms. Shweta Volatility in Indian Equity Derivative Market and Association with Selected Macroeconomic Variables 14.10.2016
88 Ms. Vandana Determinants and Strategies of Employee Retention in it Industry in India 14.10.2016
89 Ms. Pallavi Sharda A Study of Competitive Advantage of IT Industry in India: An Empirical Study 14.10.2016
90 Ms. Shruti Dhananjay Naik Wisdom Leadership - An Empirical Study of Indian Women Managers 14.10.2016
91 Mr. Jitendra Singh Rathore A Study of CRM Practices Adopted by Indian Commercial Banks in the State of Rajasthan 14.10.2016
92 Ms. Priyal Singhvi Television Advertisements Targeting Children: Role & Impact of Children in Influencing the Buying Behavior of Parents 14.10.2016
93 Ms. Pallavi Paliwal A Study on Analysis of Merger Motives & Post Merger Synergies in Indian Banking Sector 14.10.2016
94 Ms. Upasana Tyagi A Study on Problems and Prospects of Organised Retail Business in India: A Case Study of Rajasthan 14.10.2016
95 Ms. Nidhi Gupta A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Selected Hospitals of Most Populated Cities of Rajasthan 14.10.2016
96 Ms. Ranjita Gupta Role of Service Quality in Building Customer Loyalty, Post Mobile Number Portability - A Study of Select Telecom Service Providers in Delhi - NCR Region 14.10.2016
97 Ms. Tanu Narang Study of Unconventional Advertising Strategies Amidst Unethical Advertising Environment with Special Reference to North India 14.10.2016
98 Ms. Neerja Dixit Effect of Locus of Control on Occupational Stress Level Among Employees Working in Uttar Pradesh and NCR 14.10.2016
99 Mr. Kiran Kumar Goyal Simulation of Entrepreneurial Success in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: An Operations Research Approach 14.10.2016
100 Ms. Nivedita Trivedi An Analytical Study of Buddhism for Future Directions in Contemporary Management Systems 14.10.2016
101 Ms. Bharti Shauran Impact of Mentoring on Role Efficacy and Organizational Role Stress: Historical Evidence from Role of Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita and Corroborating Evidence from Contemporary Corporations 14.10.2016
102 Ms. Dimpy Sachar Job Satisfaction Among Teachers: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Universities in India 14.10.2016
103 Ms. Shabnam Siddiqui Role of Training and Its Impact on Overall Organizational Efficiency of Banking Sector in Rajasthan : A Comparative Study 14.10.2016
104 Ms. Pareek Nishtha Pankaj Implications of Basel 3 on Indian Banking Sector and the Attitude of Stakeholders 14.10.2016
105 Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal Analytical Study of Marketing Strategy and Customer Satisfaction in Realty Sector With Reference to National Capital Region 14.10.2016
106 Mr. Milind Trends and Validity: An Investigative Study of Mauryan Phase HRM Practices and Theories with Modern Corporate World 14.10.2016
107 Ms. Priyanka Choudhary A Study of Financial Capability of College Students Pursuing Professional Courses in National Capital Region-With Special Reference to Management and Engineering Students in Noida and Greater Noida 07.01.2018
108 Ms. Rafiya Zaman Rizvi The Role of CRM in Enhancing Brand Equity of Aviation Industry : A Study with Special Reference to Jet Airways, India 07.01.2018
109 Ms. Kamini Dhamija Examining the Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from S&P CNX Nifty 50 Companies 07.01.2018
110 Ms. Geeta Rani A Study of Relationship among Total Quality Management (TQM) Components and Employees' Job Satisfaction 07.01.2018
111 Ms. Neha Sachdeva The Unique and Universal Managerial Concepts in the Sankhyakarika 07.01.2018
112 Ms. Joyeeta Das Consumer Perceptions of Rebranding: with Specific Reference to Indian Market 07.01.2018
113 Ms. Priyanka Chadha Impact of Corporate Governance on Capital Structure, Cost of Capital and Dividend Policies of Companies: An Appraisal 07.01.2018
114 Mr. Ravi Dutt Role of Micro-Finance Institutions Fostering Financial Inclusion for Economic Downtrodden Women in Haryana - An Empirical Study 07.01.2018
115 Ms. Sarika Jain A Study on Quality of Work Life Among Workers in Textile Industries in Rajasthan 07.01.2018
116 Ms. Shiva Manoj Attitude of Customers and Bank Employees Towards Innovations in Retail Banking with Special Reference to Selected Banks in Urban Areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh During Reform Period 07.01.2018
117 Mr. Prashant Raman A Study of Women Consumers' Behaviour for Online Shopping for Selected Products in North India 07.01.2018
118 Ms. Shernaz Bodhanwala A Study of Structural Change and Lead-Lag Relation Between Spot and Futures Market with Reference to Agriculture Commodities and Select Macro-Economic Variables 07.01.2018
119 Ms. Elizabeth Chacko Awareness of Ergonomics & Ergonomics of Sitting - Impact on Health & Safety of Employees With Reference to Banking Sector in Bangalore City 07.01.2018
120 Ms. Priyanka Girdhar Organisational Role Stress Amongst Dual- Career Couples 07.01.2018
121 Ms. Shweta Jain Auctioning of Tea in India : A Sojourn from Public Auctioning to E-Auctioning System 07.01.2018
122 Ms. Nidhi Dhamija An Empirical Evaluation of Comparative Performance of Exchange Traded Funds vis-a-vis Open -Ended Mutual Index Funds in India During 2005-2014 07.01.2018
123 Ms. Prerna Lal Analyzing Factors Affecting Cloud Based Services Adoption and Their Impact on Organizational Performance 07.01.2018
124 Ms. Parul Tyagi Comparison of Volatility of Returns in Indian and Chinese Stock Market During the Period 2004 to 2016 07.01.2018
125 Ms. Prapti Paul A Study on the Impact of Private Equity Investments in the Energy and Infrastructure Sector of India 07.01.2018
126 Ms. Rameesha Kalra A Study on the Performance Evaluation of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India Using Balanced Scorecard Approach 07.01.2018
127 Ms. Anju Kumar Talent Management Systems and Business Performance: An Empirical Study in the Indian IT Sector 07.01.2018
128 Ms. Poonam Purohit New Management Thinking from India: An Exploratory Study of Indian Management and Its Future Direction 07.01.2018
129 Ms. Richa Chauhan Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Occupational Performance 07.01.2018
130 Ms. Shalini Jain Marketing of Financial Services by Public Sector Banks in Rajasthan - The Case Study of State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur  07.01.2018
131 Ms. Maitri An Empirical Study of Employer Brand Framework for  Prospective Employees 07.01.2018
132 Mr. Govind Nath Shrivastava Delhi Metro Rail Corporation: An Empirical Study on Customer Satisfaction 07.01.2018
133 Mr. Ashutosh Pant A Critical Evaluation of Skill Development Programme in Information Technology Sector in Rajasthan 07.01.2018
134 Ms. Neha Tiwari Determining the Importance of Behavioral Competencies for Women Graduates and  Postgraduates in their Career Progression with Special Reference to Technical and Professional Institutions in Rajasthan 07.01.2018
135 Ms. Anshika Yadav A Study of Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction and Measures to Attract, Retain and Motivate Employees of Organized Retail Sector in Selected Cities of Rajasthan 07.01.2018
136 Ms. Srishti Agarwal Influence of Green Attributes of Hotels on Indian Consumer Behavior 07.01.2018
137 Ms. Neha Wason Marketing Challenges for Small and Medium Handicraft Textile Units - A study of Selected Chikan and Banarasi Apparel Manufactures in Uttar Pradesh 07.01.2018
138 Ms. Khyati Kochhar Role of National Stock Exchange in the Development of Capital Market 07.01.2018
139 Ms. Geetika Gupta Models and Practices of Credit Risk Management in Banks: An Indian Perspective 07.01.2018
140 Ms. Savita Kumari Issues, Challenges and Prospects for Women Workforce Participation in Construction Industry in India: An Empirical Study 07.01.2018
141 Ms. Maneesha Kaushik Relationship Between HRM Strategies and Entrepreneurial Success for Startup Entrepreneurs in the Jaipur District of Rajasthan 07.01.2018
142 Ms. Anubha Bendre Application of Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy on Retirement Planning Decision Making of People in Selected Districts of Chhattisgarh 07.01.2018
143 Ms. Niharika Bharti Influence of Digital Marketing on Brand Building of North Indian Universities 07.01.2018
144 Ms. Prachi Bansal Customer Relationship Management Practices and their Effectiveness - A Study of Telecommunication Companies 07.01.2018
145 Ms. Kanika Sachdeva A Study of Impact of E-Banking on the Performance of Nationalized Banks 07.01.2018
146 Ms. Garima Sharma A Comparative Study on Awareness, Perception, Issues and Challenges Regarding Green Banking in Selected Public and Private Sector Banks (With Special Emphasis to Jaipur City) 07.01.2018
147 Ms. Jyoti Dave A Study of Work Life Balance and Organizational Commitment in the Faculty Members of Various Management Institute (State, Deemed and Private) in Gujarat 07.01.2018
148 Ms. Sonakshi Goyal Interrelationship of Organizational Role Stress and Learned Helplessness among Faculty Members in Private Higher Education Institutions in Selected Cities of Rajasthan 07.01.2018
149 Ms. Ranjana Kumari An Empirical Study of Alternative Investment Strategy through Quantitative Analysis in Financial Market and Extent of its Popularity among Financial Brokers and Investors in Mumbai Region 07.01.2018
150 Ms. Neha Poddar Capital Structure Determinants and Firm Value : A Study of Indian Corporate 05.10.2018
151 Ms. Reetika Garg A Study on Internet Shopping of Apparel in India 05.10.2018
152 Mr. Nishant Kumar Khandelwal A Study on Effect of Reading Self Help Books on Performance of Management Teachers, Students and Practitioners 05.10.2018
153 Ms. Shivali Dixit Saxena Study of Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Occupational Performance in Banking Sector in Rajasthan-Delhi-NCR Region. 05.10.2018
154 Ms. Rashi A Comparative Study of the Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of Rural & Urban Consumers: With Special Reference to Mobile Phone 05.10.2018
155 Ms. Mamta Amit Rupolia A Study on Marketing Mix of  Apparel Street Vendors in Mumbai 05.10.2018
156 Ms. Kirti Choudhary An Analytical Study of E-Learning Models for Higher Education: A Case Study of Technical Education. 05.10.2018
157 Ms. Bhawna Rathore Employees' Engagement Practices in Selected Public and Private Banks of Jaipur. 05.10.2018
158 Ms. Simran Waraich Emerging Trends of Knowledge Management in Information Technology Industry of Delhi (NCR) 05.10.2018
159 Ms. Anushree Dullar  Customer Relationship Management in Retail Sector with special reference to selected organized retailers in Rajasthan 05.10.2018
160 Ms. Shafali Bahl  The Impact of Organizational Competencies, Experience and Expertise on Performance in the Indian Manufacturing Industry 05.10.2018
161 Ms. Meenakshi Rohella A Study of Financial Capability of Educated Women in Haryana and Rajasthan. 05.10.2018
162 Mr. Aditya Bhargava The Challenges of Replicating Human Resource (HR) Practices: An Empirical Study of HR Leaders in Select Manufacturing Companies 05.10.2018
163 Mr. Anil Kumar Vyas Consumer Behaviour for Smart Phone Handsets in Rajasthan: An Exploratory Study 05.10.2018
164 Ms. Shikha Singh Impact of Branding on Passenger Preferences of Domestic Airlines in Rajasthan 05.10.2018
165 Ms. Sonia Gautam Work Life Balance of Employees : Case of Female Academicians 05.10.2018
166 Ms. Rashmi Singel Impact of Micro Financing on Women Empowerment: An Empirical Study in Rural Areas of Haryana 05.10.2018
167 Mr. A. Sharad Kumar A Study on Strategic Planning and Control of Energy Efficiency Optimization in United Arab Emirates Marine Sector  05.10.2018
168 Huda Abdalla A Critical Evaluation of Financial Literacy amongst Nationals in UAE   05.10.2018
169 Mr. Suryanarayanan Nandagopal Mapping the Current Authorized Economic Operator Implementation Readiness of Supply Chain Partners in Dubai  05.10.2018
170 Sabnam Shaji Kadakassery Razack A Study on Effect of Performance Management System on Poor Performance and Employee Termination  05.10.2018
171 Mr. Amjad Khan Suri A Study  on the Relationship of Financial Literacy with Investment Decisions-with Special Reference to Foreign Employees (Expatriates) in the United Arab Emirates  05.10.2018
172 Mr. Saleem Mushtaq A Study of Micro Finance and its Impact on the Growth and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in United Arab Emirates   05.10.2018
173 Mr. Sujith S.S. Centralisation  of Information Systems Using ERP: Analyse the Benefits and the Degree of the Centralisation  05.10.2018
174 Ms. Kanika Gupta Attitude of Corporate Towards the Role of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test as a Recruitment Tool 20.09.2019
175 Ms. Suman Jain Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Mobile Phones: A Study in Delhi - NCR 20.09.2019
176 Ms. Preeti Singh Study of OD Interventions as a Tool to Enhance Motivation of Employees Working in Public Sector Organizations in India 20.09.2019
177 Mr. Amitabh Bhargava Reforming Indian Political System: Feasibility and Implementation of Holistic Electoral Competency Rating in India 20.09.2019
178 Mr. Abhinav Nigam Rural Consumer Behavior Towards Life
Insurance in Rajasthan
179 Ms. Shweta Singh Impact of Working Capital Management on Corporate Performance: A Study of Cement Manufacturing Companies 20.09.2019
180 Ms. Pratibha Amber Chaurasia A Study of Financial Planning Practices of Retail Investor of Indore and Ujjain District of Madhya Pradesh 20.09.2019
181 Mr. Raj Kumar Arora Security Scena+rio on India - Pak Border : A Study of Crime Infested Regions of Western Border 20.09.2019
182 Ms. Vandana Indoria Impact of Organization Culture on Employee Engagement at State Bank of India: Post Merger of Associates 20.09.2019
183 Ms. Sunita Badhwar Talent Management as a Business Development Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Delhi and NCR Region 20.09.2019
184 Ms. Priyanka Dutt Exploring the Concept of Leadership with an Integrative Paradigm Emerging from Ancient Scriptures with Focus on the Bhagawad Gita 20.09.2019
185 Ms. Tanya Soin Gaurav Attitude of Stakeholders Towards Skill and Competency Gap Affecting Women Employability with Special Reference to Engineering, Management, CA and Law Students 20.09.2019
186 Ms. Vimlesh Tanwar Attitude of Teachers and Students Towards Online Social Networking with Special Reference to School and Higher Education Students of Banasthali Vidyapith 20.09.2019
187 Ms. Chandni Mehta A Study on Vivekananda's Philosophy and Its Relevance in Contemporary Management Systems 20.09.2019
188 Ms. Shruti Maheshwari  Study of Psychographic Segmentation and Investment Pattern of Individual Investors 20.09.2019
189 Ms. Ankita Pareek Motivations for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility : A Study of Indian Aviation Sector 20.09.2019
190 Ms. Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Attitude of Stakeholders Towards Financial Literacy Initiatives Taken up by Private Sector Banks with Special Reference to Rajasthan 20.09.2019
191 Ms. Deepali Bhardwaj Understanding the Impact of Social Media on Marketing Strategies in the Indian Context 20.09.2019
192 Mr. Avnish Vijay Accreditation Process for Quality Improvement in Higher Education : A Fresh Approach 20.09.2019
193 Ms. Monika Dwivedi Attitude of Organizational Working Women Towards Digital Financial Inclusion 20.09.2019
194 Ms. Ravisha Chotani Impact of Financial Inclusion Schemes on Financial Literacy - A Study of Punjab and Haryana 20.09.2019
195 Ms. Shalini Sharma Attitude of Viewers and Corporate Towards the Entertainment and Commercial Benefits of Indian Premier League of Cricket 20.09.2019
196 Ms. Urvashi Bhamboo Impact of Personality Traits on Academic Performance of Women Post Graduate Students at Banasthali Vidyapith 20.09.2019
197 Mr. Amit Kumar The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning on Sales and Distribution Performance of Pharmaceutical Organizations 20.09.2019
198 Ms. Jagriti Singh Consumer Perception, Satisfaction and Comparative Analysis of Usage of Electronic Customer Relationship Management Practices in Private and Public Sector Banks of Rajasthan Using SERVQUAL Model 20.09.2019
199 Ms. Astha An Empirical Study on HR Initiatives and their Impact on Women Employees in Indian Banks with Special Reference to State Bank of India 20.09.2019
200 Ms. Rina Gupta Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Enterprises and its Effect on their Financial Performance - A Case Study of the Indian Footwear Industry 20.09.2019
201 Ms. Poornima Jyoti Singh Study of Consumer Buying Behavior for Two Wheelers: A Study of Delhi & NCR Region 20.09.2019
202 Ms. Soni Harsh Srivastava Human Quality Development (HQD) Initiatives at University Level-A Comparative Analysis of State and Private Indian Universities 20.09.2019
203 Ms. Kirti Miglani Application of Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy on Retirement Planning Decision Making of People in Delhi and NCR 20.09.2019
204 Ms. Shweta Uniyal A Study on Women's Addictive Shopping Behavior (With Special Reference to Apparel and Jewellery Shopping) 20.09.2019
205 Ms. Kirti Udayai Evaluation of Social Marketing Interventions for Diarrhea Management Program 20.09.2019
206 Ms. Poonam Gurjar Impacts of Amalgamation of Regional Rural Banks (With Special Reference to Erstwhile Hadoti Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Kota 20.09.2019
207 Ms. Latha Mazumder A Study on Safety, Health and Environment work Practices and its Impact on Organizational Effectiveness through Employee Engagement 04.01.2018
208 Ms. Sonia Cherian Effect of Leadership Styles on Nurses'
Commitment towards Organization and
Job Satisfaction in Hospital of Dubai
209 Ms. Rennie Joshua Risk Factor Assessment and
Development of Guidelines for
Healthy work Environment for
Nurses in Dubai Hospital
210 Ms. Kusum Lata Mishra A Study on Leadership Styles and their Effectiveness in Selected Higher Educational Institutions 20.09.2019
211 Mr. Milind Nagnath Vinod Determinants and Effectiveness of Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility Spending (MCSR) Regulations : Integrating MCSR with India's National Development Agenda 20.09.2019
212 Mr. Ranjan Jaiwant Paralkar Critical Evaluation of Retail Banking Business Processes with Special Reference to Local Banks in the United Arab Emirates 20.09.2019
213 Ms. Swati Prasad .Destination Image, Tourist Motivation and Service Quality Impacting Satisfaction of Tourists in Qatar 20.09.2019
214 Ms. Asha Raj K Quality of Work Life Extended to Employees and its Impact on Commitment towards Organizations with Special Reference to Banasthali Vidyapith, India 20.09.2019
215 Ms. Ambily Jose A Study to Assess Nurse's Perception of Performance Appraisal (PA) on Their Work Outcomes in Dubai Hospital 20.09.2019
216 Mr. Mohd Nadeemuddin A Study of Consumer Awareness About Multichannel Shopping Environment in Oman: an Exploratory Study 20.09.2019
217 Mr. Kamal Jaiswal A Study of Operational Challenges of Managers in Aircraft Maintenance Organizations in a Globalized Regulatory Environment 20.09.2019
218 Ms. Aditi Mittal Application of Bhartiya Model of Digital Literacy on Women's Empowerment in Selected Districts of Rajasthan 20.09.2019
219 Mrs. Parul Singh Effective Communication During Change Management in Select IT Organizations in India 03.01.2020
220 Ms. Shilpa S.S.  India's Mania for Malls-Changing Trends in Consumer Shopping - A Study of Bengaluru City 18.01.2020
221 Ms. Shubhangi Keshot Job Satisfaction of Employees in Pharmaceutical Industry with Reference to Rajasthan

222 Mr. Vinay Peter Sajeev The Relationship Between SHRM, Business Strategies, HR Outcomes and Organizational Performance with Respect to the Dubai based Construction Industry 24.09.2020
223 Mrs. Sharma Arti Shrinidhi Marketing Strategies of Management  Institute and their Impact on Students' Choice of Institutes in Mumbai and Suburbs 24.09.2020
224 Mrs. Kallalathil Venglath Nanditha Kumar A Study of Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment of Expatriates in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) 24.09.2020
225 Ms. Vidhyalakshmi Ramesh A Critical Evaluation of Gender Discrimination and Glass Ceiling Effect (A Case Study of Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus and Manipal University Dubai) 26.09.2020
226 Ms. Rachna Chandan Mentoring of Workforce in Hotel Industry 26.09.2020
227 Ms. Rajini Anand Impact of Bhagavad Gita on the Leadership, Communication, Motivation & Decision Making Processes in the Corporate World 26.09.2020
228 Ms. Ranika IPO Grading - Analysis of its Fundamentals and its Impact on Short Term and Long Term Performance 07.10.2020
229 Ms. Megha Sharma Factors Influencing Branding of K-12 Schools in Select Cities of Uttar Pradesh 11.10.2020
230 Mrs. G. Anuradha A Critical Evaluation of Leadership Challenges to Manage Employee Performance in the Context of Emiritization (A Case Study of UAE Private Organizations) 15.10.2020
231 Mr.Lalu M.G. Global Changes in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and their Impact on Trading Sector in United Arab Emirates 26.12.2020
232 Mr. Harshad A.K. Employees Work Motivation and its Effect on their Performance in the Educational Sector in UAE 26.12.2020
233 Ms. Nidhi Chaturvedi Factors Affecting Women's Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Fashion Clothing and Beauty Accessories Industry in Dubai, UAE 26.12.2020
234 Ms. Rikkee Mishra "Payment Banks-Effective Marketing Strategies for Reaching Bottom of Pyramid" 11.01.2021
235 Mr. Venugopal Karuthedath Vijayan "The Importance of Risk Management in IT Projects in UAE and its Importance in Delivering Projects Successfully" 20.02.2021
236 Ms. Reshu Goel "A Study of Micro-Finance and its Impacts on Rural Entrepreneurship in Uttar Pradesh" 27.02.2021
237 Mr. S. Murali "The Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Retention in the Private Sector Organizations of UAE with Special Focus on ICT Industries in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai" 27.02.2021
238 Ms. Akansha Mer "A Study on Antecedents and Consequences of Work Engagement with Special Reference to NGOs in Uttarakhand" 22.03.2021
239 Ms. Rashmi Mishra "The Study of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Retail Sector" 05.04.2021
240 Ms. Nisha Binoy "Knowledge and Quality of Care Provided by The Crash Call Team to Develop A Structured Training Module in Selected Health Care Setting Under Dubai Health Authority" 10.04.2021
241 Mr. Sampath Dorairajan "Managing Succession Planning in Family Business: Analyzing Factors Influencing Family Businesses in India" 11.04.2021



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