Doctoral Research

Sr. No. Name of Research Candidates Research Topic Date of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
1 Mrs. Ipshita Bansal  Management Concepts in Ancient Indian Psycho-philosophic Thought and its Significance for Present Day Organisations. 18.03.2002
2 Ms. Neetu Jain Indian Contribution to Management Thought: An Analytical Study of Jain Scriptures and Management Ideas. 28.02.2006
3 Ms. Seema Pahariya Dynamics of Referral Services: Client’s Perceptions and System’s Response with Reference to Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) in District Health Systems. 24.02.2007
4 Ms. Divya Kirti Gupta The Study of Societal Orientation of the Selected Service Organizations vis-à-vis Perception of the Society Towards their Societal Impact. 24.02.2008
5 Ms. Jaya Srivastava The Relevance of Gandhian Thought for Contemporary Management Systems. 24.02.2008
6 Mrs. Aruna Das Gupta Impact of Vivekananda’s Thoughts on Social and Corporate Trends and Behaviour: Ideas for Creating a Sacro-Civic World in Social Management. 26.03.2009
7 Mrs. Pratima Verma Values Based Management: Perspectives from Indian Ethos, Modern & Spiritual Leaders and Management Scholars. 26.03.2009
9 Mrs. Abira Saran Emergence of Corporate Women Leadership in India. 16.01.2010
10 Mrs. Kakoli Sen A Comparative Study of Occupational Role Stress Among Executive in Banking Sector with Special Reference to the National Capital Region of India 19.01.2011
11 Mrs. Ruby Gupta Developing and Implementing Competencies Framework for Various Functions of HR 19.01.2011
12 Mr.Sudhir Jain A Study on Control Mechanism for Prevention of Frauds in Public Sector Banks: From Strategic Imperatives to Strategic Initiatives 19.01.2011
13 Mrs. Molshree Lal A Study of Mutual Fund Investors’ Behavior in Selected Cities of Southern Rajasthan with Specific Reference to Systematic Investment Plan 19.01.2011
14 Mr. Rajeev Jain
Investors’ Attitude Towards Secondary Market Equity Investments and Influence of Behavioural Finance in Indore and Ujjain Cities 09.10.2011
15 Ms. Richa Chaudhary
A Study of Customer Relationship Management in ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Its Retail Activities 09.10.2011
16 Ms. Sweta Agarwal
Retail Investment in Equity IPOs: A Study of Investors’ Awareness, Evaluation Techniques and IPO Performance 09.10.2011
17 Mr. Lokanath Mishra
A Study of Financial Planning Awareness, Education and Advisory from an Indian Perspective with Special Reference to the Educated Middle Class 09.10.2011
18 Mr. Debarshi Mukhopadhyay
A Study on The Web-enabled Multimedia Instructional System – A Comprehensive Management Framework and A Futuristic Perspective for Strategies in Management Education 09.10.2011
19 Mrs.Bhumija Chouhan  A Comparative Study of Organisation Culture in Higher Education and Its Impact on Faculty Members in Selected Institutes of Rajasthan 20.03.2013
20 Mrs.Sarika Srivastava  Investors' Attitude towards Secondary Market Equity Investments: A Study in Allahabad and Varanasi Cities 20.03.2013
21 Ms.Farah Naqvi  A Study of Emotional Labor in the Education Industry: Moderators and Outcome 20.03.2013
22 Mrs.Nitu Saxena  Emerging Patterns of Consumer Behaviour and their Influence on the Organised Retailing - A Case Study of Shopping Malls and Specialty Stores in Jaipur  20.03.2013
23 Mrs.Jyoti Vyas Bajpai  A Study of Work Stress and Quality of Work Life as Determinants of Managerial Creativity 20.03.2013
24 Ms.Richa Dixit Improving Customer Relationship Management Strategies through Training Program in Rajasthan Zone of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited 20.03.2013
25 Mr.Vivek Joshi  Securitization and its Impact on UAE Real-Estate: A Study of Process, Techniques, Relevance, Islamic Securitization and Performance in UAE 20.03.2013
26 Mrs.Anshu Handoo  A Study Determinants of Capital Structure in Indian Companies 20.03.2013
27 Ms.Preeti Sharma  A Study of Retail Investment Preference in Indian Mutual Fund Industry with Special Reference to Rajasthan 20.03.2013
28 Mrs.Kanika Gupta  Determinants of Underpricing of Indian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Attitude of Investor Community 20.03.2013
29 Mrs.Neeti Kasliwal  A Study of Factors Affecting Doctors Prescribing Behaviour  towards Marketing Mix Tools of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry with special Reference to Rajasthan 20.03.2013
30 Mr.Kamla Kumar Gupta  Service Quality in Internet Banking: An Empirical Study of Internet Banking Customers 20.03.2013
31 Ms.Rashmi Sharma  Achievement Motivation of Managers in Relation to their Age, Education, Gender and Growth Opportunities: A Study with Special Reference to ONGC 20.03.2013
32 Ms.Sweety Jain  A Comparative Study of Performance of Public, Private and Foreign Banks in View of the Banking Reforms in India 20.03.2013
33 Ms. Nandita Sen
Influence of Organizational Change on Employee Job Satisfaction (A Study of Private Sector Banks in India) 12.03.2014
34 Ms. Anjali Rai
An Analytical Study of an Organizational Taxonomy for Organizing Content and Aiding Navigation in IT Companies. 12.03.2014
35 Ms. Nishant Joshi
An Empirical Study of Promotional Mix Strategies Adopted By Selected Soybean Processing Companies. 12.03.2014
36 Ms. Sowmya C.S.
Crucible Transformational Chemistry of Leadership - An Empirical Study of Experience Based Leadership Development in the IT Industry in India. 12.03.2014
37 Ms. Niharika Bajpai
A Study on Gandhian Thought and Praxis : Insights for Managing Contemporary Organisations. 12.03.2014
38 Ms. Priti Hingorani
Mapping the Emotional Competencies of the Prominent Leaders of 20th Century. 12.03.2014
39 Ms. Richa Narayan Singh       
Retention Strategies - A Study of Select Information Technology Companies. 12.03.2014
40 Ms. Ritu Sharma 
Role of E-Business in Boosting Domestic and International Sales of Gems and Jewellery Industry in India. 12.03.2014
41  Ms. Nidhi Arora 
Impact of Stress on Personal and Professional Lives of Army Personnel : A Study of Jawans and Officers of Indian Army. 12.03.2014
42 Ms. Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay 
A Study of Customer-Perceived Service Quality and Its Impact on Customers' Behavioral Responses and Customer Satisfaction in Fitness Services. 12.03.2014
43 Ms. Ankur Roy  
Relationship Between Export Performance and Internal Factors with Reference to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Rajasthan  12.03.2014
44 Ms. Winsy Abraham   
A Study on Managing Gender Diversity in IT Organisations in India. 12.03.2014
45 Ms. Shevata     
Organizational Commitment : A Study of Private Sector in the National Capital Region (NCR) 12.03.2014
46 Ms. Rinku Sharma
Comparative Analysis of Consumer Expectations and Experiences with Respect to Banking Services. 12.03.2014
47 Ms. Pranav Parijat   
A Critique of Modern System of Business Management and an Alternate Spiritual Approach 12.03.2014
48 Ms. Aditi Mathur           
Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance: A Case of Higher Education Institutions in Bikaner, Rajasthan 12.03.2014
49 Ms. Shivi Khanna A Study of Determinants of Long Term Corporate Borrowings by Manufacturing Industry in India
50 Mrs. Vibha Tiwari A Critical Study of Team Building in Women’s Self-Help Groups with Special Reference to Karnataka 19.02.2015
51 Ms. Adela Kazmi An Analytical Study of Women Managers in Selected Organizations in the State of Rajasthan (A Case Study of Ajmer District) 19.02.2015
52 Ms. Mohita Mathur Retail Investors Attitude Towards Investment in Secondary Equity Market and  the Impact of Behavioural Finance: A Study in New Delhi City 19.02.2015
53 Ms. Anju Gulla Television Advertisements Targeting Children: Role & Impact of Children in Influencing the Buying Behaviour of Parents with Focus on Specific Product Categories 19.02.2015
54 Ms. Deepti Goyal A Study of Work Culture of Leading Professional Educational Institutes and Its Impact on Faculty (With Specific Reference to Delhi-NCR Region) 19.02.2015
55 Ms. Parul Aggarwal A Study of the Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Practices in Selected Manufacturing Organizations of Northern Rajasthan and NCR 19.02.2015
56 Mrs. Poonam Malik Impact of SHE Policies & Other HR Practices on Job Satisfaction & Organization Commitment of Employees in Select Units of Textile Industry 19.02.2015
57 Mr. Ravi Changle A Study Measuring Risk of Public and Private Sector Banks Using Garch Model 19.02.2015
58 Ms. Nidhi Choudhary An Analysis of Commodities Market Volatality and Lead Lag Relationship Between Spot and Future Markets 19.02.2015
59 Ms. Rajni Khosla A Study of Training Practices in Small and Medium Enterprises in the Electronic Sector with Reference to the National Capital Region (NCR) 19.02.2015
60 Mr. Ompal Singh Employee Perception of Human Capital Development & Management - An Empirical Study of Teachers Working in Institutions of Management Education in Delhi NCR 19.02.2015


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