Department of Commerce and Management
List of Books/Book Chapters Published 
S. No. Name of Author/s Topic Publication Year
1 Dr. Akansha Mer Design Thinking to Cultivate an Ecosystem for Value Generation and Thriving Amidst Organizational Headwinds 2021
2 Dr. Ankur Joshi Vision & Process Oriented Approach for Ensuring Development and Sustenance of Genuine Bharatiya Management 2020
3 Dr. Priyanka Vijay Principles & practices of banking  2019
4 Prof. Harsh Purohit Women Empowerment 2019
5 Dr. Ankur Joshi Impact of Globalization on Education in India: Towards Global Standards or Cultural Imperialism?. In: Chakrabarti G., Sen C. (eds) The Globalization Conundrum-Dark Clouds behind the Silver Lining 2018
6 Dr. Ravisha Chutani Financial Literacy and Inclusion in India with Special Reference towards NCFE Report through Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy (BMFL) 2018
7 Dr. Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Book Chapter on : Digital Financial Literacy initiatives by Private Sector Banks in India 2018
8 Ms. Abida Khatoon An Analysis if trends and Diversification of Agricultural Production in Rajasthan 2018
9 Dr. Ankur Joshi Integrativeness Through Pursuing Integrative Intelligence as the Way Forward. In Managing VUCA Through Integrative Self-Management (pp. 321-330) 2017
10 Dr. Ankur Joshi Researcher preparation for indigenous fundamental research through collaborative participation. In Implementing Communities of Practice in Higher Education - Dreamers and Schemers Eds. McDonald, J. & Cater-Steel, A. (Eds.).  2017
11 Dr. Ravisha Chutani Recommending New Pathway to Impart Financial Education in India using the Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy 2017
12 Dr. Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Book Chapter on : Bad Bank: A good solution for stressed assets in India in book "Financial sector in India: Issues, challenges and opportunities". 2017
13 Dr. Priyanka Vijay Book Chapter on : Bad Bank: A good solution for stressed assets in India in book "Financial sector in India: Issues, challenges and opportunities". 2017
14 Dr. Megha Aggarwal Financial Awareness among Women in Indian Villages: Journey from Homer-Makers to Money -Savers" 2017
15 Dr. Khyati Kochhar A study on Digital Innovations at Banks 2017
16 Dr. Abhishek Pareek Book Chapter on: Payments Banks - Can India Achieve Digital Financial Inclusion? 2016
17 Dr. Ankur Joshi An Ethics of Care Induced from Kautilya's Wisdom. In Ethical Leadership. Chatterji, M. &Zsolnai, L. (Eds.) (pp. 53-69).  2016
18 Dr. Megha Aggarwal Effects of Mergers on Financial Performance in Banking Industry: A case study of ICICI Bank and BoR 2015
19 Dr. Saman khan Medical tourism: An ignored business model". International Business: The Emerging Global South and Asian Economic Order 2014
20 Dr. Vandana Application of ancient Indian Thoughts to Retain New age Employees 2014
21 Dr. Vinay Dutta & Dr. Kanahiya Singh  Commercial Bank Management 2013
22 Dr. Vinay Dutta Reflections on Chinese Management Styles and Business Ethics 2013
23 Prof. Subhash Sharma Wisdom & Consciousness from the East: Life, Living and Leadership 2013
24 Dr. Vikas Kumar Mutual Funds in India- Growth and Performance 2012
25 Prof. Subhash Sharma Subhash & Mr. Albuquerque Daniel  Consciousness in Corporate Corridors: Management, Leadership & Spirituality 2012
26 Prof. Subhash Sharma New Earth Sastra: Towards Holistic Development & Management 2012
27 Prof. Subhash Sharma Shunya Poems: My Experiments with Corporate Rhymes 2010
28 Dr. R Upadhyay Job Hopping- An Introduction 2009
29 Prof. Subhash Sharma Market's Maya: Lotus Millionaires from New Madhushala' 2009
30 Prof. Subhash Sharma New Mantras in Corporate Corridors: From Ancient Roots to Global Routes 2007
31 Prof. Subhash Sharma Management in New Age: Western Windows Eastern Doors  1996 & 2006
32 Prof. Harsh Purohit Recent Trends in Investors Attitude 2006
33 Dr. R Upadhyay Direct Marketing: Emerging Trends 2006
34 Dr. R Upadhyay Experimental Methods: Applications 2006
35 Prof. Harsh Purohit Investors  Attitude: A Study at Indore and Jaipur Cities 2006
36 Prof. Harsh Purohit Developed Manuals on Banking services, Derivatives and Equity Research 2006
37 Dr. R Upadhyay Marketing Strategy 2005
38 Prof. Harsh Purohit Developed Manual on Financial Services 2005
39 Prof. Harsh Purohit & Prof. Ipshita Bansal Intellectual Property Rights: The Emerging Issues for Industry  Edited 2004
40 Prof. Ipshita Bansal Management Concepts in Ancient Indian Psycho- Philosophic Thought and their Significance for Present Day Organizations.  2003
41 Prof. Siddharth Shastri Indian Management for Nation Building :New Ideas for the New Millennium  Edited 2002
42 Prof. Subhash Sharma Arrows of Time: From the Black Holes to the Nirvana Point 2001
43 Prof. Subhash Sharma Quantum Rope: Science, Mysticism and Management 1999
* In addition to above list over 100 books & book chapters have been published both in soft & hard form. 




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