Dept. of Commerce and Management
List of Publications
S. No. Name of Author/s Topic Publication Year
1 Khushbu Agarwal, Sharda Nandram Domestic product in Swadeshi-Global entreprenership for Sustainable socio economic Growth 2021
2 Harsh Purohit, Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Attitude of beneficiaries towards financial literacy initiatives taken up by private sector banks for sustainable development with special reference to Rajasthan 2021
3 Richa Chauhan, Nidhi Maheshwari, Neelni Giri Goswami Role of Guna and emotional intelligence on work life balance and job satisfaction among female professionals 2020
4 Priyanka Vijay The Study On Fundamental Analysis Through Analyzing The Financial Performance Of Selected Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Companies 2020
5 Priyanka Vijay An Empirical Study On Analysis The Determinants Of Dividend Pay-Out Ratio Of Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry 2020
6 Vandana/ Aditi Khandal Role of Building Internal Capabilities in Managing Change 2020
7 Shaheema Hameed/ Vandana A Study on Leadership Competencies of Generation Z in a VUCA World 2020
8 Jitendra Singh Rathore1 , Kallalathil Venglath Nanditha Kumar A study of relationship between entrepreneurial skills and business success of expatriates in ABU DHABI 2020
9 Kirti Udayai, Balgopal Singh, Piyush Kumar Evaluation of India Action Plan for Prevention of Pneumonia and Diarrhoea - A Diarrhoea Management Program in Bihar, India 2020
10 Khushbu Agarwal Influence of demographic variables on consumer ethnocentrism:case of Rajasthan, India 2020
12 S. Murli, Megha Aggarwal A Study on the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style on Employee Engagement and Employee Performance in ICT Industry-(a Study With Reference to the ICT Industry in United Arab Emirates) 2020
13 Richa Chauhan, Nidhi Maheshwari Role of Emotional Intelligence in Determining Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance: Special Reference to Banking Employees of the Rajasthan Region 2020
14 Richa Chauhan, Neelni Giri Goswami, Shalini Nigam Guna (Behavioural Qualities), Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success of University Students in India. 2020
15 Richa Chauhan VUCA World and Environmental Law. 2020
16 Ridhima Sharma, Siddharth Shastri, Jitendra Singh Rathore Exploring E-CRM in Indian banking Sector 2020
17 Jaiswal K Dalkilic, S Papageorgiou E  Aviation MRO: Impact of physical environment factors on job performance in aircraft maintenance organization 2020
18 Kirti Udayai Social Marketing Interventions in Public Health: Literature review in context of India 2019
19 Shaheema Hameed The Disruption of the Z Gen Employee: Change Strategies for A Smoother Workforce Entry 2019
21 Shaheema Hameed A study on faculty organizational commitment in selected organizations in Rajasthan 2019
22 Abhishek Pareek Motivations and challenges of women entrepreneurs: Experiences of small businesses in Jaipur city of Rajasthan 2019
23 Pawandeep Kaur Bindra "Need of Digital Literacy and E-Content crisis management in India: A study from the BhartiyaPrespectives" 2019
24 Urvashi Bhamboo Managerial Skills and Personality Traits go Hand In Hand: Nuts and Bolts of Execution 2019
25 Urvashi Bhamboo Can Bright Personality Traits when Overplayed become Dark? 2019
26 Aditi Mittal Women Empowerment through Bhartiya Model of Digital Literacy For New India 2019
27 Nitin Bansal Impact of Demonetization on Indian Banking Sector - A step towards governance 2019
28 Nitin Bansal An Analysis of various dimensions of ATM Banking Service Quality 2019
29 Nitin Bansal Determinants of Capital Structure: A Study of Indian Companies 2019
30 Priyanka Vijay A study on assessing higher educational institution's digital maturity 2019
31 Priyanka Vijay A study on approaches of B-schools in modern era 2019
32 Priyanka Vijay An evaluation of bitcoin in India 2019
33 Priyanka Vijay Understanding Dynamics of Success at Midcareer Stage of Management Employee 2019
34 Priyanka Vijay Dynamics of selection of management institute with special reference to students and parents: A study of Mumbai Metropolitian City 2019
35 Jitendra Singh Rathore /Mohd. Nadeemuddin Exploring Multichannel shopping environment in Oman 2019
36 Jain, S. & Singh, B Consumer Behavior Toward Mobile Phone Handsets 2019
37 Arpan Parashar, Jaikishan Sahu A Comparative Study of Performance of Indian Banking Sector During Sub-Prime Crisis' 2019
38 Arpan Parashar, Prof. Jaikishan Sahu A Comparative Study of Performance of Indian Banking Sector During Sub-Prime Crisis 2019
39 Swati Shastri, Shruti Shastri, Abhishek Pareek Motivations and challenges of women entrepreneurs: Experiences of small businesses in Jaipur city of Rajasthan" 2019
40 Shailendra Singh, Megha Aggarwal Rational of Consolidation of Regional Rural Banks in India 2019
41  Pareek N., Goswami N., Chauhan R Technology in Banking Sector and its Impact on Customer Relationship management: Leading to VUCA trends 2019
42 Goswami N., Chauhan R., Pareek N A study with reference to educational sector: VUCA and talent management practices 2019
43 Soumitra Bhattacharya Analysing Disclosure Practices of Environmental Accounting and Reporting Practices of Indian Companies 2019
44 Peeyush Bangur Investment Certainty and Demonetization: Evidence from India 2019
45 Peeyush Bangur Profits Are Here: Spread Performance on the Indian Stock Market 2019
46 Ankur Joshi Foundations for Social Entrepreneurship: An Integrative Indian Perspective. I 2019-20
47 Ankur Joshi Sustainable Management Education: Insights from Indigenous Wisdom of Bhartiya (Indian) Gurukul Philosophy 2019-20
48 Ankur Joshi Delivering Holistic Education for Contemporary Times: Banasthali Vidyapith and Gurukula System 2019-20
49 Balgopal Singh Aviation MRO: A Case Study of Social Psychology Elements of Human Factor Affecting Work Performance 2019-20
50 Harsh Purohit LOKPAL Bill - A powerful tool to control the Corruption: Opinion of Indian Voters 2019-20
51 Megha Aggarwal The Relationship between Microfinance Institutions and Group Lending Model in Uttar Pradesh, India 2019-20
52 Megha Aggarwal A Study of Micro Finance and Its Outreach in India 2019-20
53 Megha Aggarwal Rational of Consolidation of Regional Rural Banks in India 2019-20
54 Nishtha Pareek Customer Perception and Attitude Towards Automation of Banking Services in India 2019-20
55 Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Need of Digital Literacy and E-Content Crisis Management in India: A Study from the Bharatiya Perspectives 2019-20
56 Shabnam Siddiqui Role of HR in Creating Innovative Organization 2019-20
57 Shaheema Hameed  A study on Faculty organizational commitment in selected organizations in Rajasthan 2019-20
58 Shaheema Hameed The disruption of the Z Gen Employee: Change strategies for a smoother workforce entry 2019-20
59 Aditi Mittal The Impact of Technological Advancement on Digital Addiction Level of Youth in India 2019 - 20
60 Peeyush Bangur Profits Are Here: Spread Performance on the Indian Stock Market Aug-19
61 Peeyush Bangur Investment Certainty and Demonetization: Evidence from India Jul-19
62 Prof. Harsh Purohit Impact of change in Tier 1 of Basel 3 on the NIM of the banks".  2018
63 Ankur Joshi Joshi, A. (2018). Innovation in Management Education Through Synthesis of Indian and Western Ideas: Evidences from FMS-WISDOM at Banasthali Vidyapith. IBA JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP, 10(1), 70. 2018
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65 Saman Khan Extra Role behavior: Finding a Link between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Work life Interface among female professionals 2018
66 Nishtha Pareek The Changing Dynamics of Customer Relationship Management in Indian Banking with the Advent of Technology 2018
67 Nishtha Pareek Impact of changes in Tier 1 of Basel 3 on the NIM of the banks  2018
68 Anita Shou Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India : Current Scenario and Government's Role in Improving it 2018
69 Anita Shou Rural Women's Life Insurance Literacy Level and Their Influence on Family's Life Insurance Buying Behaviour: An Indian Perspective 2018
70 Jitendra Singh Rathore Safety, Health and Environment work practices and its impact on Organizational effectiveness through employee engagment 2018
71 Jitendra Singh Rathore Content Analysis concerning online shopping in UAE:Evaluation of Impact Score from News 2018
72 Jitendra Singh Rathore Effect of E-CRM on Customer's Satisfaction & Loyalty: Evident from Indian Banking websites 2018
73 Shikha Sigh Fiasco of Nestle's August Noodle - Maggie 2018
74 Shikha Sigh Innovative Khadi generates employment to women villagers of Banasthali 2018
75 Megha Aggarwal Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Dubai Hospital 2018
76 Harsh Purohit The Causal Dynamics in Indian Agriculture Commodity Prices and Macro-Economic Variables in the Presence of a Structural Break 2018
77 Ankita Pareek Perceptions about CSR among Employees of Selected Airlines Companies in India"  2018
78 Nitin Bansal The Impact of Determinants of Service Quality of Automated Teller Machines on Customer Satisfaction 2018
79 Ankita Pareek A review of corporate social responsibility policies among airline companies in India and abroad".  2018
80 Harsh Purohit Imparting Financial Literacy for Smooth transition from cash to less cash economy 2017
81 Harsh Purohit An empirical Study of Work Life Banance and Organizational Commitment of Management Faculties 2017
82 Harsh Purohit Current scenario of financial inclusion in India - post financial inclusion drive 2017
83 Harsh Purohit A study of causal dynamics in crude oil prices in India 2017
84 Harsh Purohit An analysis of Volatility in Silver Prices in India, Finance India 2017
85 Harsh Purohit Efficiency and unbiasedness in the Indian agriculture futures market 2017
86 Harsh Purohit Measuring Intellectual Capital and Its Impact on Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from CNX Nifty Companies 2017
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88 Ravisha Chutani Current Scenario of Financial Inclusion in India-Post Financial Inclusion Drive 2017
89   Impact of Organizational Health and Job Satisfaction on Employee Retention:Evidence Based on Review of Literature. 2017
90 Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Imparting Financial Literacy for smooth transition from cash to less cash economy 2017
91 Nishtha Pareek Comparative analysis of the Basel Accord: A Journey from Basel 1 to Basel 3 2017
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94 Jitendra Singh Rathore A study on employee engagement and its impact on organizational effectiveness 2017
95 Shikha Sigh E-Branding: A Dynamic Tool for Advertising 2017
96 Shikha Sigh Vedic Mathematics - India's Opulent Benefaction 2017
97 Megha Aggarwal Impact of Demonetization: Winners & Losers 2017
98 Megha Aggarwal Analysis of Indian Union Budget 2017-18: A Crystal View 2017
99 Khyati Kochhar A study on Role of National Stock Exchange in Capital market 2017
100 Khyati Kochhar A study on market segment at National Stock Exchange and its contribution in the Indian Securities Market 2017
101 Harsh Purohit Recommending the New Pathway to Impart Financial Education in India using the Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy, Financial Sector in India: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities 2017
102 Aditi Mittal Demonetisation- A Step towards Digitalization of Consumers 2017
103 Neerja Dixit Dixit,N.,(2017) "Impact of occupational Stress of Womwn in telecom Industry". 2017
104 Richa Chauhan Emotional Intelligence and performance of Lawyers in Rajasthan 2016
105 Richa Chauhan Impact of emotional intelligence on performance of Doctors in Rajasthan 2016
106 Harsh Purohit Are premium Indicative of Future Returns? : Evidence from exchange traded funds in India 2016
107 Harsh Purohit Financial Literacy Initiatives by AXIS Bank in India 2016
108 Harsh Purohit Women and Financial Inclusion: the Gender Divide 2016
109 Harsh Purohit Comparative Performance of Exchange Traded Funds Vis-à-vis Index Funds in India: an empirical analysis 2016
110 Harsh Purohit Students's Attitude towards Digital Branding of Higher Education Institutions 2016
111 Harsh Purohit Influence of Social Media Marketing on Higher Education Branding 2016
112 Harsh Purohit Retail Investors' Herding Behaviour: Determinant of SCMS 2016
113 Harsh Purohit Comparative Performance of Exchange Traded Funds vis-à-vis Index Funds in India: An Empirical Analysis 2016
114 Abhishek Pareek An Analysis of Potential of Make in India Initiative with Special Reference to MSME Sector in Rajasthan 2016
115 Abhishek Pareek Factors Affecting the Growth of Entrepreneurship Among Youth in India 2016
116 Abhishek Pareek Role of MSME in India's Development  2016
117 Abhishek Pareek Understanding of MSME Sector among Young Women  2016
118 Monika Dwivedi "Women and Financial Inclusion: The Gender Divide" 2016
119 Saman Khan Study of Relationship between quality of work life and organizational citizenship behavior of employees 2016
120 Ravisha Chutani Study on Changes in Financial Literacy in Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan: Post Financial Inclusion Drive 2016
121 Ravisha Chutani Make In India: A Challenge and an Opportunity for the firms taking CSR Initiatives 2016
122 Ravisha Chutani Financial Inclusion in Punjab and Haryana- A Critical Perspective towards NCFE Report through Bhartiya Model of Financial Literacy 2016
123 Vandana Employee Retention in IT Industry in India study Based on Multi Response Analysis 2016
124 Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Financial literacy initiatives taken by Axis bank in India" 2016
125 Nishtha Pareek Financial Literacy and Attitudinal Study of the Newly Employed Youth towards Financial Planning 2016
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127 Shikha Sigh Transformation in Women Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Banasthali through Khadi Production 2016
128 Shikha Sigh Impact of Branding on Passenger Preferences of Domestic Airlines in Rajasthan 2016
129 Shabnam Siddiqui Ethical Practices in the Banking Sector of Rajasthan-A Comparative Study 2016
130 Shabnam Siddiqui Impact and Effectiveness of Training in the Banking Sector of Rajasthan-A Comparative Study 2016
131 Megha Aggarwal Transformation in Women Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Banasthali through Khadi Production 2016
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133 Neerja Dixit Financial Literacy and Attitudinal Study of the Newly Employed Youth towards Financial Planning 2016
134 Pawandeep Kaur Bindra Financial inclusion initiatives by Government of India 2016
135 Harsh Purohit The positive power of private equity: a study on the infrastructure sector of India 2015
136 Harsh Purohit The relationship between Gold Prices and Exchange Value of US Dollar in India 2015
137 Harsh Purohit Calendar Effect in Stock Markets of India and China : an Empirical analysis of Month-of-the-year effect 2015
138 Harsh Purohit A study on promotional strategies adopted by apparel street vendors influencing customer shopping decision 2015
139 Harsh Purohit A study on customer relationship management strategies adopted by apparel street vendors influencing customer shopping decision 2015
140 Harsh Purohit A comparative study of corporate social responsibility initiatives taken by select public and private sector banks 2015
141 Harsh Purohit A comparative study of green initiatives taken by select public and private sector banks in Mumbai 2015
142 Harsh Purohit Intellectual Capital, Financial performance and Market Valuation: A study on IT and Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2015
143 Harsh Purohit Analysis of Factors Affecting Share Prices: The Case of Bahrain Stock Exchange 2015
144 Harsh Purohit Volatility in Copper Prices in India 2015
145 Harsh Purohit Empirical Study on Price Discovery Role in Non Precious Metals Market in India, SAMVAD 2015
146 Harsh Purohit The positive power of private equity: A study on the infrastructure sector of India 2015
147 Harsh Purohit Pricing efficiency and performance of Exchange Traded Funds in India 2015
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149 Monika Dwivedi "Empowering Rural Household through Financial Literacy" 2015
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154 Vandana Stress Management strategies: Insights from Bhartiya Wisdom 2015
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158 Khyati Kochhar Inspiration Allegory: The Limit-Less Performance 2015
159 Harsh Purohit Improving Financial Literacy among Women: The Role of Universities 2015
160 Harsh Purohit Effectiveness of Green-Shoe Option in India 2014
161 Harsh Purohit Critical Examination of Herding behavior in Indian Equity Markets 2014
162 Harsh Purohit Changing Dimensions of Overseas Tourists for Last Five FIFA World Cups 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014 2014
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173 Shabnam Siddiqui Ethics and Code of Conduct in Research 2014
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175 Harsh Purohit Attitude of Middle East Based Non Resident Indians towards Stadium services in India during Indian Premier League Cricket Event 2013 2014
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182 Harsh Purohit Impact of Commodities Trading on Exchange: Case of Gold 2013
183 Harsh Purohit SHE Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Haryana Textile Units 2013
184 Harsh Purohit Empirical study of change in sports tourism destination from India as perceived by tour operators and their corporate customers 2013
185 Harsh Purohit A phasewise empirical analysis of relationship between Indian spot and future prices of gold 2013
186 Harsh Purohit Relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and export performance: A study of Rajasthan SMEs 2013
187 Harsh Purohit An Empirical Investigation of Volatility of Indian Spot and Future Prices of Crude Oil 2013
188 Harsh Purohit Children's Attitude towards Television Advertisements and Influence on the Buying Behavior of Parents 2013
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197 Harsh Purohit Analysis of Retail Investor's Behaviour in Mutual Funds Market in Rajasthan 2013
198 Harsh Purohit Intuition A factor of Investment of female faculty Members 2013
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