Books Published

S. No.

Name of The Author

Title of the Book Publisher
1.  Dr. Swati Shastri “Fiscal Deficit and Macro – Economic Stablisation in India- An Empirical Investigation” Navjeevan Publications, 2013
2.  Dr. Seema Sharma  "Infrastructure and Economic
 Navjeevan Publications,
 Dr. Kalpana Singh
 "Analysis of public
 Expenditure incidence"
 Classic Publications, Jaipur,


4.  Prof. Siddharth Shastri


 "Analysis of Micro-Regional
 Disparities in Rajasthan and
 Strategy for Development"
 Classic Publications, Jaipur,

5.  Prof. Siddharth Shastri
 Ed. ' New Economic Policy,
 Papers in honor of late Prof.
 P.N. Mathur'.
 Classic Publications, Jaipur,

6.  Dr. Renu Ruhela  "Centre State Financial
 RBSA Publishers, Jaipur,

7.  Prof. Siddharth Shastri  "Financing of State Five
 Year Plans in India"
 Mittal Publications, New
 Delhi, 1992

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