Doctoral Research


S. No.

Name of Research Scholar
Name of the Guide Research Topic


  Ms. Kalpana Singh
 Prof. Siddharth Shastri  WHO Benefits form Goverment
 expenditure : A case study of
2.  Ms. Pranjal Kaushal  Prof. Siddharth Shastri  Public Expenditure and
 Economic Growth in India - An
 Empirical Investigation
3.  Ms. Veermati devi
 Prof. Siddharth Shastr
 Financial Developments and
 Economic Growth in India
4.  Mrs. Seema Sharma  Dr. Kalpana Singh  Infrastructure and Economic
 Development - An Interdistrict
 analysis of Rajasthan


 Ms. Sunita Beniwal  Dr. Kalpana Singh  Krishi Kshetra mein Gramin
 Mahilaon ki Bhumika : Rajasthan
 ke Tonk jile ke sandarbh mein
6.  Ms. Swati Shastri  Dr. Harsh Purohit  Fiscal Deficit and Macroeconomic
 Stabilisation in India- An Empirical

7.  Mrs. Sangeeta Poswal  Dr. Renu Verma  Status of Women Health:
 Availaibility, Utilisation and family
 Expenditure on Health Services (A
 Study of Dausa District in
8.  Mrs. Kavita Tak  Prof. Siddharth Shastri  Inter-State Disparities in Human
 Development: A Case Study of
9.  Mrs. Ritam Dixit  Dr. Renu Verma  An Empirical Study of "Linkages
 Between Financial Assistance and
 Industrial Development, with
 Special Reference to ITES- Sector
 of Rajasthan"
10. Ms. Kshama Sharma Dr. Renu Verma Regional Disparities in Commercial Banking Development in India( an Inter- State Analysis) 2013
11. Mrs. Nitu Maan Prof. Kalpana Singh Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India Since 1965 2013
12. Mrs. Jaishree Prof. Kalpana Singh Urbanization ,Migration and Economic Development- A Case Study of Gurgaon District 2013
13. Ms Sanjana Verma Dr. Anupma Kaushik Human Rights of women Agricultural Labourers: A Case Study of  Barabanki District in Uttar Pradesh 2013

S. No.

Name of Research Scholar

Name of Research Supervisor

Research Topic


Ms. Archana Dwivedi


Prof. Kalpana Singh

Major Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and its Impact on Indian Economy (During Pre-reform and Post-reform period.)


Ms. Archana Sharma


Dr. Renu Verma

Micro Finance Through Self Help Groups and Empowerment of Women (with reference to Tonk district in Rajasthan.)


Ms. Sonika Gupta


Prof. Kalpana Singh

Fiscal Deficit and Private Consumption Behaviour in India


Ms. Shalini Agrawal


Prof. Harsh purohit

Customer Relationship Management in Public Sector Banks & Private Sector Banks With Special Reference to Retail Banking Activities


Mrs. Karamjeet Kaur


Dr. Renu Verma

The Relative Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India


Mrs. Suvarna L. Mahalle


Prof. Siddharth Shastri
Dr. Shiv Kumar

Market Integration of Selected Agro-Commodities in Maharashtra State


Ms. Niharika Singh


Prof. Harsh Purohit

Labor Market Discrimination in Unorganised Sector: A Study of Rajasthan


Ms. Anita Kumari


Dr. Swati Batra

Empowerment through Vocational Education with Special Reference to Rajasthan


Mr. Ganesh Balasubramaniam


Prof. Siddharth Shastri

The Global Economic Crises – 1930s and 2007 – An Economic Policy Analysis with Special Reference to India


Ms. Shipra Panwar


Prof. Siddharth Shastri
Dr. Swati Shastri

Institutional Credit and Agricultural Growth - A Study of Baghra Block of Muzaffarnagar District (1990-91 to 2012-2013)


Ms. Vijeta


Dr. Swati Batra

Impact of Micro Finance on Employment and Income Generation in Uttar Pradesh : An Inter District Analysis


Mrs. Rakhi Singh.

Dr. Seema Sharma

An Analysis of Incidence of Non-Tariff Barriers on Indian Exports vis-a-vis EU


Mrs. Sudesh Dhankad


Prof. Kalpana Singh
Prof. Nirmala Singh

Assessment of Sustainability of Ground Water Resources and Irrigated Agriculture in Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan


Ms. Pallavi Panwar


Dr. Seema Sharma

Demographic Dividend and Economic Growth in India (1961-2011)



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