Home Science
Extension Activity of Home-Science Department

Faculty of Home Science has always been associated with extension activity. It aims at improving the lives of those who are out of school and under priviledged in terms of knowledge, skills and material resources. Extension in the syllabus of certain subjects and papers of study in Home Science :-


1)     Assessment of nutritional status of Individual and community
     Applied and community education
3)     Parent and community education
     Extension education

     Adult and non formal education

     Media production and Journalism

     Guiding Child Behaviour

     Guidance and Counseling

     Project work


Extension activities conducted by department-  
Survey are being conducted to plan need based programmes- Dietary and health surveys, survey of child care practices, social problems and behavioural problems.  
Through its extension and community education programmes, Home Science faculty imparts Knowledge in child rearing, in dealing with behavioural problems,

nutrition and health management, in developing skills and competency in stitching, embroidery to women in adjoining villages.

Women are given training in-

  1. Preparing low cost nutritious recipes
  2. Preparing food products using indigenous locally available resources.
  3. Preparing weaning / supplementary food
  4. Income generating activities for economic betterment like envelope, card, rakhi, paper bag, Fabric bag
    making, Pickle, papad, badi
    making Jam and Jelly preparation, use of household and industrial waste to prepare utility articles
  5. Dealing with problems of social concern specially child marriage, Dowry, Nukta Pratha , drug addiction ,
    Sexual misbehaviors Battered women, Family violence, creative awareness about AIDS, Family Roles & relationships.

    (i)  Study of breast feeding practices in Newai Tehil aided by BPNI.

            (ii)  Impact of supplementation of a micro- nutrient sprinkler on growth of young children in villages of Tonk
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Collaboration with UNICEF


Programmes on Banasthali Community Radio-

Staff members as well as students of Home Science actively participate in producing some of the regfular programmes of FM Radio of Banasthali such as "Ahar Vihar", Rasoi ki Mahak, Tarun Spandan, Parvarish, Asha ji , Kilkari. FM Radio has provided a platform far extension / community welfare work for H. Sc. students, These events become a window of expertise and awareness in nutrition, health management therapeutic and dietary management as well as in culinary capacity building of the students, staff members of Banasthali as well as people of nearly rural areas. Various problems prevalent in the areas such as addition, family violence, environment pollution, indiscipline examination phobia, personality disorders and many others related to child rearing clothing / dress designing, storage and preservation of clothes / foods have been successfully with by the faculty members.

Nutrition week is another feature of extra-curricular activities celebrated every year from 1-7 September with the aim to disseminate the nutritional information among masses to create awareness, enhance knowledge by various programmes like street drama. 

- Posters / charts
- Quizzes
- Assessment of BMI, HB
- Nutritive recipes preparation