Extension Activity of Hindi Department

Hindi Department activities encompass  various social development work which are as such -
1)    Conducting dramatic activities to highlight social evils, superstitions and corruption. In last 4 -5  years, this
       was witnessed through different plays like Andher nagri, Tovels , Dhuruv-swavini etc.
2)     Dramatic presentation of certain part of Ram Charitmanas epic associated with social life. 
3)     Ph.D. researches in Hindi are going on which also include subjects such as social awareness and folk
4)     Department is working toward preservation of Rajasthan Folk culture and Art through composing and singing
      folk songs vide F.M. Radio, Banasthali.
5)     Conducting poster exhibitions to make people aware of folk life. 
6)     Organizing multilingual poet-meet.

Sanskrit Department
Certificate / Diploma courses in Vedic study are being run by Sanskrit Department. A round 15-20 students each year study these courses.
Most of the girls of these courses belong to rural areas.