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About Us

The School of Automation at Banasthali is quintessence of the University's relentless pursuit of excellence, where the students are exposed to real-world situations. The School was developed in collaboration with the Bajaj Group, one of the most distinguished business houses of India, provides the much needed modern engineering environment to the students to create systems and products with state of art infrastructure where the engineering graduates would learn to design innovative projects. The students would not only be trained hands on in real- life engineering tools but would also learn multi- disciplinary approach to fulfil societal and industrial requirements.

The School of Automation offers B.Tech. Programme in Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation and Mechatronics. The School also offers the elective courses in field of Mechatronics & Robotics to other B. Tech. Programme of University. The School is immersed in research & development in area of Machine Learning, Process Control, Humanoid, Robot Manipulations, Power system, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Technology.

The School of automation is equipped with most modern industrial setup procured from global technology giants such as BOSCH, FESTO, KUKA, Siemens, SMC, Mitsubishi, M-TAB and Janatics. The School features sophisticated laboratories which are the requirement of modern day automation including Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab, Advanced robotics, Mechatronics Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Pneumatics Lab, Virtual Lab, e-learning Lab, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Lab and Industry 4.0 to name a few.  The School also houses some basic labs like Sensorics Lab, Electrical Machine and Drives Labs. The School was able to attract the companies like Schenider to offer on-line program, scholarships and on campus and off campus placements. The B. Tech. programme has University Industrial Linkage as an integral part its curriculum in which students is pursuing their projects with external organizations. The students graduating from this department are placed in various companies of repute.

Programmes offered

1              B. Tech. (Electrical and Electronics)

2              B. Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)

3              B. Tech. (Mechatronics)

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4              PhD. (Automation)

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List of Teaching Faculty






Abdullah Bin Queyam

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. and B.Tech.(Electronics Instrumentation and Control)


Ajay Kumar Maurya

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. (Power Systems), B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)


Ashish  Mathur

Assistant Professor

M.Tech., B.E.


Ashish Chandiok

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech.,(Engineering Sytems), B.Tech.(Electronics and Communication)


Bharat Bhushan Sharma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. and B.E. (Instrumentation and Control)


Bharat Verma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. (Measurement and Control), B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Chandraveer Singh

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Digital Communication), B.Tech. (Electronics Instrumentation and Control)


Debasmita Ghosh Roy

Assistant Professor

M.Tech.(Control and Instrumentaiton), B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Gaurav  Kumawat

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Control Systems), B.Tech. (Electronics  Instrumentation & Control Engineering)


Jitender Maharshi

Assistant Professor

M. Tech (Thermal Science and Engg.), B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)


Kailash Chand Sharma

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M. Tech. (Power System), B.E. (Electrical Engineering)


Kishore Chahar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech, B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics)


Lokesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (CAD, CAM & Robotics), B. Tech. (Mechanical)


Manisha Agarwal

Associate Professor

M.C.A., NET, PhD


Manisha Jailia

Associate Professor

M.C.A., NET, PhD


Meenu Kaushik

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. (Microwave Engineering), B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)


Mohit Jain

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (P), M. Tech. (Process Control), B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Neelam Sharma

Associate Professor

M.Sc., B Level, M. Tech., Ph.D.


Parth Patpatiya

Assistant Professor

M. Tech., B.Tech.


Pawan Pathak

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (P), Master of Engineering, B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics)


Rahul Katiyar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (VLSI Design), B.E. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Rajesh Singh Gurjar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Manufacturing and Industrial), B.E(Mechanical)


Sangram Kesari Das

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (P), M.Tech. (Electronics Instrumentation and Control), B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Shailly Sharma


Ph.D. (P), M.Tech. (Power System), B.E. (Electronics and Instrumentation) , RTR License


Sonika Sahu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (P), M. Tech. B.Tech. (Mechanical)


Sumit Nema

Assistant Professor

M.E., B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics)


Vijay Mohan

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., M.Tech. and B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation)


Vineet  Pandey

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Thermal Engineering), B.Tech ( Mechanical Engineering)


Vivek Prakash

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (P), M.Tech. (Power System), B. Tech. (Electrical Engineering)



Infrastructure and Facilities


1.         Robotics Lab

2.         Hydraulics Lab

3.         Pneumatics Lab

4.         AutoCAD Lab

5.         Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

6.         Digital Electronics Lab

7.         Electrical Machine I and II Lab

8.         Electrical Drives and Control Lab

9.         Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

10.       Mechatronics Lab

11.       Advance PLC Lab

12.       Sensoric Lab

13.       Digital Signal Processing Lab

14.       Switchgear and Protection Lab

15.       CIMS Lab


Advance PLC Lab

Electrical Machine I

 Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

Festo Modular Production System

Bosch Rexroth Modular Mechatronics System Industry 4.0

Robotics Lab including Kuka and TAL robots

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Switchgear and and Protection Lab

Modular Mechatronics System Industry 3.0

Five axis TAL robot with gesture control








Contact Us


Dean, School of Automation: Prof. Shailly Sharma

Banasthali Vidyapith,  Banasthali-304022, India

Office: + 91 9352879817

Email Id: sshailly@banasthali.in