To suitably train the manpower in the emerging areas in Life Science, Biotechnology and allied disciplines, the department has suitable infrastructure supported by modern equipments. Besides a Green House and an Animal House, the department has several equipments costing over Rs. 10 lacs. Some of the major equipments are as listed below:


Name of the Instrument (Make)

1. H.P.L.C. (Shimadzu LC-10ATVP Binary gradient system)  

2. PRIMUS 96 advanced gradient 95-6002 model 

3. Vertical Midi Gel System for 16x14cm gel (BG)

4. Submarine Midi Sub System For 24x18cm Gel 

5. Electronic Power supply EPS 500 (BG)   

6. Fermenter BLITE-B5 Sartorius  

7. Mini-Pam (Waltz)         

8. Plant Growth Chamber (Percival, USA & Tempo) 

9. Gel Documentation System (Kodak) 

10. Refrigerated Preparative Centrifuge (Beckmann Avanti 30)     

11. Refrigerated Preparative Centrifuge (Biofuge Stratos, Hearus) 

12. Refrigerated Preparative Centrifuge (Remi  Compufuge CPR-24)   

13. Refrigerated Preparative Centrifuge (Remi R-24) 

14. Microfuges (Remi RM-10)     

15. Water Purification System (Millipore)    

16. Incubator REMI model no. CI-10S   

17. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Systronics –119 & 2101)     

18. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (EC, UV-5704SS)   

19. Spectronic 20 D (Milton Roy)  

20. Spectrophotometer   (Systronics-106)    

21. Elisa Reader (Sunrise Tecan)  

22. Ice Making Machine (Blue Star) 

23. Digital Cryostat Microtome (Yorco YS1-118)

24. Digital Microscope with digital Camera & Software

25. Phase contrast Assembly for the microscope (Dewinter Italy)  

26. Trinocular Inverted Microscope & Camera (Olympus)

27. Stereoscopic Microscope (Olympus)      

28. Vacuum Concentrator (Heto VR-I, Denmark)

29. Hybridization oven (Hybridizer) (Atto AB-1950, Japan)  

30. Gene Cycler (Biorad, USA)   

31. Fraction Collector (Biorad-2110, USA)         

32. Mini Transilluminator (Biorad) 

33. -80°C Ultra Freezer (Hetofrig, Switzerland)  

34. Bench Top Rotary Shaker (Labotron TR-112)   

35. Orbital Platform Shaker (New Brunswick Scientific, USA)     

 36. Incubator Shaker, Temp. range 5-60° C (Metrex) 

37. Incubator Shaker (Remi)  

38. Environmental Shakers 

39. Bacteriological incubators  

40. Carbon dioxide incubator (Yorco) 

41. Laminar flow 

42. Microwave Oven (BPL Sanyo)    

43. Vacuum Oven (NSW)    

44. Radioactive Monitor (Ecca)     

44.  -20°C Deep Freezers  (Remi & Blue Star)   

45. Clean Air Equipment (Kirloskar)            

46. Quartz Double distillation system (Sunvic U.K.)  

47. Autoclaves large (Yorco) & small  

48. Vertical Autoclaves (Mertex) 

49. Generator 15 KVA     

50. U.P.S. system 5 KVA  

51. Walk-in-Cold room (Blue star)  

52. Electrophoresis System Mini Vertical Dual slab gel (Serva) 

53. Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical, Horizontal, & Rod Including DNA sequencer (Genie)

54. Mini Electrophoresis (Metzer & Genie)

55. Electrophoresis Power Pack (Systronics, 606 P)     

56. Single Pan Electronic Balances (Mettler)

57. Electronic Balances (ADCO)   

58. Electronic Balances (Satorius)

59. Peristaltic Pump (Miclins)

60. Green House (Saveer Biotech)

61. Spectroflurometer (Elico SL-174)

62. Animal House

63. Rotary shaker  

64. Rotary Mictotome (MT-820)    

65. Ion meter   

66. Real-Time PCR (Qiagen  Rotorgene Q)    

67. Cooling Centrifuge (Remi C24 BL)   

68. Incubator Orbital Shaker (Metrex MRS-100 C)                 

69. Research Microscope with digital camera (Olympus CH 201-TR)

70. Water Purification System (TKA)  

71. Water Purification System (Millipore RiosD13)

72. Alpha Imager Gel Documentation System (Alpha Innotech)

73. Mastercycler gradient PCR (Eppendorf)  

74. High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Eppendorf) 

75. Polorographic Oxygen Analyser (Chloro Lab-3)

76. RT-PCR (Rotor Gene Q2 Plex)


77. Ultra Centrifuge (Thermoscientific WX-Ultra-100)


78. Lyopholizer (Cleanvac Freezedryer)

79. Dual-PAM 100 (Walz, Germany)

80. Fluorescent Microscope (Leica DM1000)

81. Automated  Rotary Microtome (MEDIMEAS)

82. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Thermoscientific)

83. FTIR Spectrophotometer (ALPHA-T)

84. Gas Chromatograph (DANI)

85. Auto-Ion Analyzer (IC Plus Professional)

86. Humidified CO2 Incubator (Thermoscientific)


There are nearly 11,000 text and reference books in biological sciences in the library including some of the most recent reference volumes on biotechnology. The department also maintains a small library in which some key textbooks are kept for day-to-day use by the postgraduate students. In addition, for research updates, the department also subscribes Current Content (Life Science) and several research journals including on line Jgate. Access to following full text databases and e-journals is also provided through UGC-INFLIBNET facility for this institution.

   American Chemical Society

   Royal Society of Chemistry

   Institute of Physics

   Cambridge University Press

   Project Muse

   Springer and Kluwer Journals

    Encyclopedia Britannica (National Site Licensing)

    Taylor and Francis

    Portland Press

    American Institute of Physics

    American Physical Society

    Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online

    Oxford Univ. Press journals



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