For B.Sc. Maths group: The subject combinations available are :

A. Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics
B. Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics
C. Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
D. Mathematics, Electronics, Physcis
E. Mathematics, Physics, Statistics

For B.Sc.  Life Sciences group: The subject combinations available are :

A. (Bio-Science)- Chemistry, Zoology, Botany
B. (Biotechnology)- Biotechnology, Chemistry

B.Sc. Home Science : The following three specialization are available:

A. Clothing & Textiles
B. Foods Science & Nutrition
C. Human Development


  • The students opting for Drawing and Music have to pass an aptitude test.

  • Mathematics and Statistics can only be opted if the student has studied Mathematics as an elective at 10+2 level.

Course Structure:

 2.  Statistics 
3. Computer Science  
4. Electronics
 5. Physics
 6. Chemistry
 7. Botany
 8. Zoology
 9. Biotechnology
 10. Home Science
 11. Aviation Science