Academic Programs

Regular Courses of Study



M.Tech., MBA, MCA, M.Sc.(Biotechnology), BCA, BBA,  B.Tech., B.Pharm., B.Journalism and Mass Communication


Fees :  4,200 p.a


Group (B)

M.Sc. (Computer Sc./ Electronics),  M.Sc.(Applied Microbiology & Bio-technology/  Bioinformatics/ Bio-Science), M.A. Textile Designing, B.Sc., B.Sc. (Aviation Science), B.Ed., M.Ed., B.Com., M.A. (Geography), M.Des.


B.A., M.A., M.Phil., B.Sc. (Home Science), B. Design, M.Sc. (Home Science), M.Sc. (Mathematical Science/ Physics/ Chemistry)


Fees :  3,150 p.a.


Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science, Electronics, Sanskrit, Philosophy and Vedic Studies, Hindi and Modern Indian Languages, English and Modern European Languages, , Economics, History and Indian Culture, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Art, Mathematical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-science and Biotechnology, Home-science, Education, Commerce and Banking,  Management, Design, Pharmacy, Legal Studies, Psychology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Aviation, Automation



Fees : 5,500 p.a.

Study India Program (SIP)



  • one semester program

    Spring Semester-January to May

    Autumn Semester- July to December

  • flexible credit earning

  • choice of a large number of disciplinary courses

  • Make your Own Program


Academic Orientation

  • Classroom coursework of 40 hours involving lectures/seminars/assignments/projects.
  • Course specific practical training involving laboratory practices/field work.
  • Excellent opportunity of parallel part time programmes under the Five fold education paradigm of Banasthali University.





Semester Programmes in the following faculties:


Fees : 2500 (includes tuition fee, lodging and food)



Feel India Program (FIP)



  • Six to eight weeks round the year
  • Variety of programs from the ancient Indian tradition, religion, history, philosophy and education to the modern technical advancements.
  • Design your own program
  • Chalk out your own schedule
  • Extensive first hand exposure
  • Colorful, diverse Indian Culture
  • Flexible credit earning
  • Colorful, diverse Indian Culture
  • Choice of a large number of disciplinary courses

Cultural Orientated Programmes

  • Indian Classical Music (Vocal / Instrumental)
  • Indian Folk Music
  • Indian Classical Dances (Kathak / Manipuri)
  • Indian Folk Dances (Rajasthani / Naga)
  • Visual Arts (Drawing & Painting / Fresco/ Mural Painting)
  • Indian Craft
  • Textile Design (Printing / Weaving / Tie & Die)
  • Veda Recital (Samveda)
  • Ayurveda
  • Indian Languages (Hindi / Sanskrit)
  • European Languages (English / French / German)
  • Guidance & Counseling
  • Extension Education (Community Programs)
  • Child Care / Home Management
  • Yoga
  • Horse Riding / Rifle Shooting / Sword Fighting
  • Web Designing
  • Agriculture
  • Women Studies in India
  • Indian Heritage
  • Parenthood & Family Relations
  • Entrepreneurship

Fees : 1,500 (includes Certification, lodging and food)