The Vision & Mission          

Vision of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS-WISDOM) at Banasthali Vidyapith is to prepare women for enlightened leadership roles in all walks of life. Institute's mission is to contribute towards development of women leadership that would play active role in society-building, entrepreneurship and management of organizations and institutions in consonance with nation's spiritual and cultural heritage and its own context.

The following represents the five foundational principles or the Panchsiddhanta of WISDOM:

  • WISDOM acts as strategic think-ahead forum for women's issues in management of society, organizations and individuals
  • WISDOM facilitates creation of future enlightened leadership among women
  • WISDOM trains the young minds for managerial responsibilities and entrepreneurial ventures
  • WISDOM conducts action-based research
  • WISDOM promotes intellectual self-reliance

In consonance with its foundational principles, the following are the broad objectives of the institute:

1.      To train women for managerial positions.

2.      To train women in entrepreneurial tasks of setting up industry, organizations and institutions

3.      To undertake research and consultancy with a view to augment knowledge base keeping in view the specific requirements of women's issue and cultural moorings.

WISDOM's Paradigm of Management Education

WISDOM's management education paradigm is rooted in the following key themes:

1.      A synthesis of the spiritual values and the scientific achievements of the East and the West.

2.      Management as a combination of the rational-analytic and intuitive-holistic approaches based on the following equation:    
W = R + I   (Wisdom = Reason + Intuition )

3.      Panchmukhi Vikas i.e., holistic development of an individual through a balance of five aspects viz. physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual.

4.      A blending of tradition and modernity rooted in Indian ethos.

All programmes offered by the institute are designed around this new paradigm of education.


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