50% in Graduation (55% in case of Engineering or Technology)
(45% for SC/ ST Candidates )

55% in B.Ed./ B.T./ L.T.
(50% for SC/ ST Candidates )

50% in 10+2 with Arts
(40% for SC/ ST Candidates )

50% in 10+2 with Science
(40% for SC/ ST Candidates )

2 yrs.

2 yrs.


4 yrs.

4 yrs.

* Admission to this course shall be based on merit cum aptitude test.

In B.Ed.  merit will be prepared giving 50% weightage to marks obtained in the apptitude test and 50% to the marks of qualifying examination.

In the probable situation of large number of applications received for M.Ed., an aptitude test may be conducted for admission. In that case the merit will be prepared giving 50% weightage to marks obtained in the test and 50% to the qualifying examination marks.

The following percentage credit points are awarded while preparing the final merit list :


% Credit

1. Games :
    (a) Represented the State or combined University team
    (b) Represented the Country
2. (a) President Guide/Ranger
    (b) ’C’ certificate in NCC/Banasthali Seva Dal
    (c) Represented Regional Youth Festival
    (d) Represented National Youth Festival
3. Passing Qualifying examination from Banasthali
4. Ex-students of Banasthali having studied full time course
5. Candidate whose mother or sister has studied or is studying in   Banasthali

6. Candidate whose guardian(s) has worked or is working in Banasthali


Candidate must enclosed the certificate issued by the Establishment Branch (Karmik Anubhag) of Banasthali University. According to the Vidyapith Rules the ward is defined as "Wife, Sister, Daughter, Sister in Law, Daughter in Law & Grand Daughter".

 1. The maximum total credit point awarded under category No. 1 - 4, will not be greater than 5%. If in addition  the credit points are also awarded under category Nos. 5-6, the total will not be greater than 7%.
  2. Old students who have passed the last examination from Banasthali University and have studied in Banasthali for a period of 5 years or less will be awarded 5% credit points and for every additional year 1% credit.
  3. Maximum credit points that may be awarded under all categories is 7%.


Foreign/NRI/NRI Sponsored Admissions



A limited number of seats are available for Foreign/NRI/NRI Sponsored candidates. Admissions against these seats are based directly upon the merit and the applicant do not have to appear in the aptitude test.  



40% aggregate marks in the qualifying examinations (Except for B.Ed. where it is 50% and M.Ed. where it is 55%)

The following documents are required for admission against Foreign/NRI/NRI sponsored seats :

i) Original Certificate/Marksheet of the qualifying examination.

ii) Attested photo copies of the passport and Visa of the applicant/guardian.

iii) Foreign Bank Account Number or NRI Account Number of the applicant/guardian.

iv) Declaration regarding Non-Resident Indian status of the applicant/guardian.

Once student is admitted in a programme as a Foreign/NRI/NRI sponsored student then she will remain in this category for the full duration of the programme. The University’s decision regarding a Foreign/NRI/NRI sponsored admission will be final and will have to be adhered to by the applicant.

Re-admission : If a student is separated from Banasthali University or Shri Shantabai Shiksha Kutir and in the event the University decides to readmit her, admission fee of Rs. 5000/- shall be payable. The admission of a student shall be automatically cancelled due to unauthorized absence of five days or more.

Absence without prior written permission from the University shall be treated as unauthorized absence.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)


Students with B.Ed. / B.T. or L.T. from Banasthali or a university recognized by Banasthali University as equivalent thereto with atleast 55% marks. (50% marks in case of SC/ST candidates). Admission is based on merit. 

Aptitude Test Sample Paper:

Sample Paper for B.Ed.
Notified Under Section (3) of University Grants Commission Act.
@ 2007 Banasthali Vidyapith.