M.Ed. Program

Programme Educational Objectives

            Department of Education aims to develop human resource in terms of effective School Teachers, Educational Researchers, Teacher Educators and Educational Leaders so as to achieve the excellence in teaching, research and innovation with Indian ethos.

            Teacher Education program at Banasthali Vidyapith intends to develop knowledge of Teaching Learning Process, competencies to transfer the knowledge, development of skills, organization and management of school system as well as to develop subject content and curriculum and maintain professional ethics and attitude towards Teaching as a 'noble profession'.

            Department of Education purports to provide comprehensive inputs which are aimed;

*        To study the education as a discipline.

*        To prepare competent and enlightened teachers for different levels of education in India.

*        To develop responsive, reflective and responsible teachers, educational administrators, researchers and academicians who will be able to work in collaboration with parents and community.

*        To develop an understanding of focal concerns of education such as language diversity, inclusive education, gender-neutral attitude and education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

*        To prepare teachers having an understanding of interact and instruct in class in the context of school organization and school education system at local and global level.

*        Develop a sensitivity and appreciation amongst professionals about the larger societal context in which school education operates, the linkages, mutual pressure and influences of other sub systems.

*        To provide a deep understanding of educational research and be competent to carry out independent need based quality field researches.

*        To create digital competency amongst professionals in order to enhance their teaching, research, innovation and administration.

*        To prepare effective teachers by integrating the academic studies with professional understanding, competencies and reflective visions.

*        To nurture a temperament in the professionals to work toward self-driven performance goals, entrepreneurship and academic leadership for a noble mission 'Teaching'.

*        To increase the sensitivity of professional ethics, code of conduct, social cultural values, human dignity and humanness. 

Masters Program Specific Outcomes

On completion of Masters in Teacher Education the teacher student will be able;

PSO1.     To use enduring content and pedagogical knowledge to update their teaching

PSO2.     To develop relevant, rigorous, stage appropriate curricula.

PSO3.     To modify curriculum and instruction based on the individual needs of their students.

PSO4.     To use assessment of their students' learning and their own teaching to design future planning and teaching.

PSO5.     To relate and deliver oral and written communication based on sound educational theory and research in guiding the instruction of diverse students and/or for public education leadership.

PSO6.     To evaluate and formulate education plans based on research and knowledge of legal requirements outlined in federal legislation, current issues, and/or public education stakeholders.

PSO7.     To synthesize, evaluate, and refine information from an information base of scholarly resources. 

PSO8.     To evaluate and articulate responses to moral, ethical, legal, and professional challenges from the perspective of an educational leader, and/or advocate for learners who are exceptional.

PSO9.     To employ statistically valid processes to analyze assessment data to evaluate student learning with respect to district, state, and federal goals.

PSO10.   To work individually and collaboratively for research‐based change and innovation in Education.

PSO11.   To facilitate the social and civic development of their students.

PSO12.   To work collaboratively with colleagues and community to ensure quality of instructional programs of schools.


Eligibility : Students with B.Ed./B.T. or L.T. from  Banasthali University or a University recognized by  Banasthali as equivalent thereto with at least 55% marks. (50% marks in case of SC/ST candidates) Admission is based on Merit.


Duration : 2 Years (4 Semesters)


Course Structure:



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