Doctoral Research


Computer Science
S. No. Name of Research Candidates Research Topic Date of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
1 Ms. Madhavi Sinha A Knowledge Representation Scheme for Intelligent Hindi Teaching. 04.03.1998
2 Ms. Jyoti Shastri Development of a Programming Language in Hindi Specially for School Children. 29.03.1997
3 Ms. Suruchi Gautam Broadcast Graphs and Protocols in Communication Networks. 20.03.1999
4 Ms. Krishna Lohiya Fuzzy Case Retrieval In Case Based Reasoning  18.03.2002
5 Ms. Prerna Zutshi Forwarding Index of Communication Networks 08.11.2004
6 Mrs. Soly Mathew Biju Java Enabled Easy to Use Cryptography. 25.02.2005
7 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi Semantic Web Searching : Web Search Relevancy Improvement Through Word Sense Disambiguation. 28.02.2006
8 Mrs. Poonam Garg An Empirical Study on Cryptanalysis: A Genetic Algorithm Approach. 24.02.2007
9 Mr. Abhishek Sharma A Comparative Study of Phrasal Term List and Machine Translation Approach for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval. 24.02.2007
10 Mrs. Reena Dadhich Design and Analysis of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with Low Forwarding Index. 24.02.2007
11 Mrs. Charul Bhatnagar Automata for Applications in Bioinformatics 24.02.2008
12 Mrs. Namrata Agrawal Broadcast Graphs and Protocols in Communication Networks. 24.02.2008
13 Mrs. Arpita Gopal Semantics Based Transaction Processing in Real Time Distributed Database Systems. 24.02.2008
14 Ms. Kusum Gupta A Neuro Fuzzy Logic Controller. 24.02.2008
15 Mr. Om Prakash Rishi A Distributed Architecture for CBR based student modeling in intelligent tutoring systems 26.03.2009
16 Ms. Kajal Sharma Video transmission over Overlay Network and estimation of the parameters using neural networks optimization. 19.01.2011
17 Ms. Swati V. Chande Query Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms  19.01.2011
19 Mrs. Sunita Choudhary Channel Assignment in Wireless Networks: Graph Theoretic Approach  19.01.2011
20 Mr. Vikas Pareek  On Integer Factorization and Breaking RSA Algorithm 09.10.2011
21 Mr. Chandra Kumar Jha Performance Evaluation and Resource Allocation of Overlay Networks 09.10.2011
22 Ms. Manisha Automatic Evaluation of English-Indian Language Machine Translation 09.10.2011
23 Mr. Sanjay Bhargava Parsing with Neural and Finite Automata Networks Using Graph Grammar 09.10.2011
24 Shri Devi Prasad Sharma A Fuzzy Integrated Non Dominated Sorted Genetic Algorithm Based Topological Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Networks 09.10.2011
26 Mrs. Sonal Jain  Development of Service Oriented Framework for Semantic Annotation of Learning material 09.10.2011
27 Mrs. Savita Kumari Performance Evaluation of Indexing Techniques for Data Broadcast on Multichannel Wireless Computing Environment 09.10.2011
28 Mrs. Rupali  Load Distribution in Peer To Peer Systems : Load Balancing 09.10.2011
29 Mrs. Deepti Gaur  On The Theory of 'Metagraphs' with Applications in Rule-Based Systems 20.03.2013
30 Ms. Ritu Dabas  An Agent Based Approach for Planning and Coordination in Supply Chain Management 20.03.2013
31 Mrs. Patel Kalyani Kaushikkumar A Model for Cross Lingual Information Extraction and Retrieval for Similar Structured Languages with Special Emphasis to Hindi-Gujarati 20.03.2013
32 Mrs.Supriya Madan A Unified Approach for Managing the Security Risk of Web Database Application from Code Injection Vulnerabilities 20.03.2013
33 Ms.Pratistha Mathur  Generalized Dynamic Model for ANN Based Pattern Recognition 20.03.2013
34 Ms.Megha Bisht Algorithms for Optimal Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks 20.03.2013
35 Ms.Asmita Singh Rawat  An Optimal Security Algorithm Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Securing Wireless Sensor Networks 20.03.2013
36 Mr.Sanjay Kumar Sharma  Design of Some Parallel Numerical Algorithms using Shared Memory Multiprocessor Systems and their Performance Evaluation 20.03.2013
37 Mr.Sandeep Kumar Joshi  Survivability in Multiple Link Failure WDM Networks 20.03.2013
38 Mrs.S. Taruna  Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network 20.03.2013
39 Mrs.Deepshikha Bhargava Design of an Intelligent-Agent Based Technique for Solving Inter Process Synchronization Problem  20.03.2013
40 Ms.Prerna Mahajan  Active Learning for Cost Effective Data Mining 20.03.2013
41 Mrs.Neeraj Tomer  Evaluating Machine Translation (MT) Evaluation Metrics for English to Indian Language Machine Translation 20.03.2013
42 Mrs.Geetanjali Sahi  A Pragmatic Approach to Fortifying Web Usability in B2C E-commerce 20.03.2013
43 Mrs.Preeti Arora  Multicast Routing Protocol in Adhoc Networks using Dynamic Periphery  20.03.2013
44 Ms. Akanksa Spanning Tree with Many Leaves. 12.03.2014
45 Mr. Ramesh Chandra  Feasibility Analysis of the On-demand Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks in the Indian Automotive Networks. 12.03.2014
46 Ms. Geetali Banerji Study of Data Mining Algorithms on Selected Domain 12.03.2014
47 Mr. Surendra Singh Choudhary Performance Evaluation of Wireless Ad-hoc Networks with Low Forwarding Index.  12.03.2014
48 Ms. Anuja Arora Automatic Fault Detection and Test Case Generation Using Genetic Algorithm for Ajax Web Application.  12.03.2014
49 Ms. Sachi Gupta         Heuristic Based Efficient and Robust Genetic Algorithm for Multiprocessor Task Scheduling 12.03.2014
50 Ms. Neelam Sharma          Data Mining Attitude to Enhance Intrusion Detection System 12.03.2014
51 Mr. Shiv Kumar Gupta           Study for the Prediction of Useful Data by Applying Data Warehousing Techniques 12.03.2014
52 Ms.  Rekha Jain   Homograph Disambiguation Algorithm for Information Retrieval in Web Search 12.03.2014
53 Mr. Vishwambhar Pathak  Artificial Immune System based Density-Concerned Unsupervised Learning 12.03.2014
54 Ms. Baljeet Kaur         Fortifying Trust Index in E-commerce to Enhance Indian Customers' Buying Pattern 12.03.2014
55 Ms. Swati Saxena  Performance Evaluation of Routing in Time-Constrained  Messages (Using Multiple- Copy Approach) 12.03.2014
56 Ms. Sudha Morwal  Named Entity Recognition in Indian Languages using Hidden Markov Model 12.03.2014
57 Mrs. Usha Badhera Logic Based Approaches and their Applications to Prioritize Test Data Set for Systems with Boolean Specifications 19.02.2015
58 Mrs. Pratishtha Gupta Dynamic Traffic Signaling and Messaging Using CCTV Cameras 19.02.2015
59 Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain Palmprint Authentication Based on Palm Line Matching Using Neural Networks 19.02.2015
60 Mrs. Savita Shiwani Performance Analysis and Security Management for IPV6 Networks Compared to IPV4 for Implementation Strategies 19.02.2015
61 Mr. Rajiv Chopra Reusing Black Box Generated Test Paths for White Box Testing of Websites 19.02.2015
62 Ms. Minakshi Sharma Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Based MR Brain Tumor (Astrocytomas) Classification System 19.02.2015
63 Ms. Kavita Web-Based Instructional System For Analyzing and Designing Algorithm Systematically 19.02.2015
64 Mrs. Kavita Choudhary A New Software Testing Approach Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm 19.02.2015
65 Mrs. Pooja Arora Learning to Rank for English-Hindi Corpus (इंग्लिश - हिन्दी रचना संग्रह के लिए क्रमणाधिगम) 19.02.2015
66 Mrs. Renu Knowledge Management Practices in Educational Institutions (With Reference to Select Universities & Business-Schools in Delhi & NCR 19.02.2015
67 Mrs. Jyoti Batra Pragmatic Approach for Secure Transaction in Mobile Commerce Using J2ME and XML 19.02.2015
68 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain A Study Identifying Optimum Inventory by Using Genetic Alogrithm With Special Reference to Automobile Sector 19.02.2015
69 Mrs. Surabhi Pandey Cloud Computing for the Adoption of Enterprise Systems on Software as Services (SAAS) Current Prospects and Challenges in Indian Conditions 19.02.2015
70 Mrs. Iti Mathur Graph Based Evaluation Methodology for Ontology Matching Systems 19.02.2015
71 Ms. Yogita Gigras Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Robotic  Domain 16.02.2016
72 Mr. Manish Sarswat Testing of Real Time Embedded Systems: A Genetic Algorithm Approach 16.02.2016
73 Ms. Prachi Security in Wireless Sensor Networks 16.02.2016
74 Mr. Ashish Kumar Applying SOA to an E-commerce System and Designing a Logical Security Framework for ESOA 16.02.2016
75 Ms. Neha Agrawal Development of Software Quality Model Incorporating Significant Business Process Quality Parameters 16.02.2016
76 Ms. Rachna Miglani Algorithm for Web Structure Outlier Mining 16.02.2016
77 Ms. Kusum Lata Jain Multi Objective Protocol Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network 16.02.2016
78 Ms. Deepa Gangwani Software Cost Prediction Analysis Conforming to Quality Requirements 16.02.2016
79 Mr. Arvind Kumar Shukla Constructing an Unusual Mobility Model for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks 16.02.2016
80 Ms. Sachin Kumar Search Engine Optimization : To Make a New Search Engine in the Service to the Information Technology Sector 14.10.2016
81 Ms. Devershi Pallavi Bhatt Secure Localization in Mobile Sensor Equipments 14.10.2016
82 Mr. Salesh Kumar Role of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) in Corporate Competitiveness : A Case Study in Context of Multinational Corporations 14.10.2016
83 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Optimal Reliability Allocation in Designing Fault Tolerant Modular Software System 14.10.2016
84 Ms. Neha Goel Integrating Content Semantics with Usage Data for Web Personalization 14.10.2016
85 Ms. Shubhi Lall Agarwal An Expert System to Estimate the Power Generation by Windmills Using Artificial Neural Network 14.10.2016
86 Ms. Meenakshi Nawal Patient Authentication and Security Measures in Remote Health Monitoring 14.10.2016
87 Ms. Sonam Mittal Some Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Validate Software Design against Software Requirements 14.10.2016
88 Ms. Rashmi Singh Design of A Novel and A Generic Agent Interaction Protocol for Multiagent Systems 14.10.2016
Computer Science & Engineering
1 Mr.Shyam Bihari Goyal  From Situational to Functional Method Engineering 20.03.2013
2 Mr.Shiv Kumar  Design of Simulator for Automatic Voice Signal Detection and Compression (AVSDC) 20.03.2013
3 Mr. Tarun Kumar Modeling and Analysis of Some Supply Chain Systems in Soft Computing Technologies  20.03.2013
4 Mr. Sanjiv Sharma Design and Analysis of Social Network for Tracking Online Community Interactions 12.03.2014
5 Mr. Nisheeth Joshi            Implications of Linguistic Feature Based Evaluation in Improving Machine Translation Quality : A Case of English to Hindi Machine Translation. 12.03.2014
6 Mrs. Usha Batra Aspectized Universal Healthcare: Data Interchange Format for a National Heal Thcare Information System Utilizing Unique ID Interface 19.02.2015
7 Mr. Yatendra Mohan Sharma Cluster Based Approach for Efficient Routing in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 19.02.2015
8 Mr. Anupam Optimized Technique for Routing in Ad Hoc Network with Quality of Service 19.02.2015
9 Ms. Supriya Raheja Vague Logic Oriented CPU Schedulers 14.10.2016
10 Ms. Nidhi Mishra Opinion Mining Through Sentence Level Analysis 14.10.2016
11 Ms. Rewa Sharma Modeling and Simulation of Power Optimizing Algorithms in MAC Layer 14.10.2016
12 Mr. Umesh Banodha A Study of Some Software Architecture Model on Selected Domain 14.10.2016
13 Mr. Nimish Kumar Analysis and Evaluation of Object-Oriented Testing Methodologies for Web - Based Applications 14.10.2016
14 Mr. Ajai Kumar Hybrid Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation (Case Study of English and Hindi Word Sense Disambiguation) 14.10.2016
15 Ms. Vinod Maan Frequency Allocation in Mobile Network Using Distributed Algorithm Approach 14.10.2016
16 Mr. Vivek Gaur Development of Architectural Framework for Discovering and Monitoring of Cloud Services 14.10.2016
17 Mr. Vikram Bali A Pragmatic Approach to COTS Selection in Designing Component Based Software System 14.10.2016
Information Technology
1 Ms. Pinki Nayak Study of Energy Issues and Energy Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. 14.10.2016
Information Technology & Engineering
1 Ms. Tanya Singh An Improved Real Time Automated Intrusion Response System for Web Interface 16.02.2016
1 Shri Ram Prakash Somani Graphs, Rings and Colorings. 20.03.1999
2 Mr. Natarajan Babu A Basic Proof of Prime Number Theorem with a Remainder Term. 25.02.2005
3 Mrs. Rekha Rani Queueing Theory Model for Machining Systems Subject to Interruptions. 24.02.2007
4 Mr. Om Prakash  "Decomposability of Skew Polynomial Rings" 16.01.2010
5 Shri Ajay Singh Yadav Development of Some Inventory Models for Decaying Items with Two Warehouses 19.01.2011
7 Mr. Phool Singh Numerical Computation of Heat and Mass Transfer Problems using Discretization Scheme  09.10.2011
8 Mr.Pushpendra Kumar  Policy Decisions of Inventory Systems for Deteriorating Items with Shortages 20.03.2013
9 Ms.Sunita Kumawat  Modeling and Analysis of Real - Life Systems Using Augmented Marked Petri Net 20.03.2013
10 Ms.Isha Sangal Supply Chain Inventory Models in the Fuzzy Environment 20.03.2013
11 Ms.Sujata Rani  Study of Deteriorating Inventory in Supply Chain 20.03.2013
12 Ms.Shinu Rani  Development and Analysis of Retrial Queueing Models in Real Systems 20.03.2013
13 Mr.Pravin Garg  An Excursion to Some Emerging Frontiers of the Theory of Signed Graph 20.03.2013
14 Ms.Usha Kumari Sharma   Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues and Graph Theoretic Solutions 20.03.2013
15 Ms.Geetanjali Sharma  Queueing Models to Predict the Performance of Wireless Communication Networks 20.03.2013
16 Mrs.Shameena Gupta  On Networking of Biserial Queuing and Scheduling Problems 20.03.2013
17 Ms.Bharti Yadav  Mathematical Modelling of Transportation and Assignment Problems in Fuzzy Environment 20.03.2013
18 Ms.Amita Bhincher  Mathematical Models for Network Optimization in Fuzzy Environment 20.03.2013
19 Mr.Anup Maggu  On Some Probabilistic Scheduling Techniques with Applications in Business & Management 20.03.2013
20 Ms. Pallavi Kharbanda Sufficiency and Duality in Nonsmooth Multiobjective Programming Under Generalized Convexity 19.02.2015
21 Ms. Anuradha Some Decision Making Models with Deterioration and Permissible Delay in Payment 19.02.2015
22 Ms. Ruchi Mathur Investigation of Certain New Aspects of Fractional Calculus Operators and Geometric Function Theory 19.02.2015
23 Mr. Anoop Kumar Study of Some Fluid Flow Problems Using Discretization Scheme and Homotopy Analysis Method  19.02.2015
24 Mrs. Nirupma An Experimental Study of CAI and Conventional Method in Attaining and Retaining the Mathematical Concepts 19.02.2015
25 Ms. Nidhi Optimal Policies for Inventory Models Under Fuzzy Environment 19.02.2015
26 Ms. Ritu Sharma Two-Warehouse Inventory Modelling 19.02.2015
27 Ms. Kashish Parwani Performance Measures of Wireless Communication Network: Queueing Theory Approach 19.02.2015
28 Mrs. Rajkumari Mittal Modeling of Green Supply Chain Management System for Electronics Industry 19.02.2015
29 Mr. Diwaker Sharma Some Problems in Approximation by Linear Positive Operators 16.02.2016
30 Mr. Jitendra Kumar Development of Some Inventory Models in Volume Flexible Environment 16.02.2016
31 Ms. Kavita Devi Some Inventory Systems for Decaying Items with Inflation and Shortages  16.02.2016
32 Ms. Ruchika Jain Restricted Three - Body Problem When the Primaries are Finite Straight Segments 16.02.2016
33 Ms. Garima Sharma A Study on Inventory Models Having Certain Demand Patterns 16.02.2016
34 Ms. Anchal Goel Development of Two - Warehouse Inventory Models for Deteriorating Items with Shortages and Inflation 14.10.2016
35 Ms. Vinti Dhaka Study of Inventory Models for Different Payment Conditions 14.10.2016
36 Mr. Naresh Kumar Development of Some Integrated Production Inventory Models with Weibull Distribution Deterioration 14.10.2016
37 Ms. Anshu Sethi Excursion of Graph Structures Through Algorithms 14.10.2016
38 Ms. Ritu Raj Integrated Production Inventory Models for Decaying Items 14.10.2016
39 Mrs. Himanshu Rathore Mathematical Modeling on Inventory Control for Deteriorating Items Incorporating Some Different Aspects 14.10.2016
40 Ms. Meenu Gupta Optimal Ordering Policies with Lifetime, Permissible Delay in Payments and               Backorder 14.10.2016
41 Mr. Vikas Sharma Decisions Making Models for Time Dependent Decaying Items 14.10.2016
Mathematical Science
1 Ms. Purnima Sinha             Analysis of Optimal Crop Combination under Limited Resource Allocation: Goal Programming Approach to Smallholder Farmers in North Bihar. 12.03.2014
2 Ms. Himani Dem   Policy Decisions on Volume Flexible Systems with Time Dependent Demand and Shortages. 12.03.2014
3 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur         An Expedition to New Frontiers of Friendly Labeling 12.03.2014
4 Ms. Ayushi Dhama Contributions to the Theory of Signed Graphs 19.02.2015
5 Ms. Ravindra Some Problems on Differential Geometry of Finsler Spaces with (α, β)-Metric 19.02.2015
6 Ms. Apurva Rawat A Study of Inventory Models Under the Fuzzy Environment 19.02.2015
7 Ms. Shalley Gupta Development of Some Inventory Models for Decaying Items Under Supply Chain Environment 16.02.2016
8 Ms. Shalini Jain Some Mathematical Modeling on Inventory Control and Production Planning in an Imperfect Production System 14.10.2016
1 Mr.Piyush Kant Rai  Design and Model-Based Approach to Indirect Method of Estimation for Small Domains 20.03.2013
2 Ms.Swati Raj  On Construction of PBIB Designs and Their Applications 20.03.2013
3 Ms. Mansi Khurana Bias Reduction in Shrinkage Estimators Using Resampling Methods in Linear  Regression Models 16.02.2016
4 Ms. Hemlata Joshi On Some Aspects of Human Fertility and Estimation of Parameters Involved in the Fertility Models 16.02.2016
5 Ms. Deepa Estimation of Disturbance Variance in Misspecified Linear Regression Model Under Different Comparison Criteria 14.10.2016
6 Mr. Ravendra Singh Methods for Estimation of Parameters Using Auxiliary Information 14.10.2016
1 Ms. Seema Verma Performance Evaluation of Turbo Codes. 28.03.2003
2 Mrs. Ritu Vijay Neural Networks in Signal Processing. 25.02.2005
3 Ms. Neeta Khare Intelligent Battery Monitoring. 24.02.2007
4 Mr. Jay Prakash Agarwal Medical Data Detection, Compression and Denoising Using Wavelet and S-Transform 19.02.2015
5 Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma Performance Analysis and Improvement in System Efficiency Using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 19.02.2015
6 Ms. Uma Pandey A Study of Natural & Man made Very Low Frequency (VLF) Waves and Their Applications 16.02.2016
7 Ms. Meha Sharma Modeling and Simulation of III-V Semiconductors Based Lasing Heterostructures 14.10.2016
Electronics Engineering
1 Ms. Raj Kumar  Smart Instrument for Battery Monitoring 20.03.2013
2 Mr. Amit Rathi  Optimization of Microstrip Antenna Using Particle Swarm Optimization Operational Research Method. 12.03.2014
3 Mr. Sandeep Dhariwal Modeling of Transport Properties of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) 19.02.2015
4 Mr. Ravindra Pratap Narwaria Neural Network for Noise Removal from ECG Signal Based on FIR Digital Filter 19.02.2015
5 Ms. Sharda Neeraj Vashisth Design and Development of a Biophysical Embedded System for G-Stress Management of an Aircraft Pilot 16.02.2016
6 Ms. Savita Sondhi Study of Voice Stress Analysis Based Interrogation Tool 14.10.2016
7 Ms. Neha Mittal The Hand-Based Biometric Authentication 14.10.2016
8 Mr. Chandra Prakash Jain Radiation Hardened Devices and Circuits for Mixed Signal and RF Applications 14.10.2016
Electronics & Communication Engineering
1 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar A Frequency Domain Parallel Algorithm  for Reed-Solomon Decoding with VLSI Implementation 16.02.2016
2 Mr. Ashok Kumar Sirohi Design and Characterization of Optical Couplers and Evaluation of their Performance Parameters 14.10.2016
1 Ms. Sarita Kumari Quality Estimation in Image Compression Using Wavelet Families 09.10.2011
2 Ms. Neha Munjal  Electronic and Structural Properties of Some Binary and Ternary Compounds : A First -  Principles Study. 12.03.2014
3 Mr. Mukesh Kumar               Study of the Structural and Electronic Properties of Some Organic-Inorganic Cd and Hg Based Hybrid Materials 12.03.2014
4 Ms. Anshmani Kaushik                Investigation of the Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Some Important Spintronic Materials. 12.03.2014
5 Mr. Anil Kumar                 Electron Beam Generation, Beam-Wave Interaction and Transmission in A High Frequency, High Power Gyrotron. 12.03.2014
6 Ms. Neena Devi                     Study of Electronic Structure of Cuprate Perovskite and Fe based Superconductors. 12.03.2014
7 Ms. Sapna Gupta    Computational Analysis of III-V Semiconducting Multilayer Nano-heterostructures. 12.03.2014
8 Mr. Vishant Gahlaut Thermal-Structural Analysis and Simulation of Helix TWTs for Space Applications 19.02.2015
9 Ms. Harshita Agrawal PET & its ZnO/TiO2 Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Electrical, Optical & Phase Transformation Studies 19.02.2015
10 Ms. Pooja Bhambhani Study of the Electronic, Optical and Structural Properties of Lead-Chalcogenides PbX (X=S, Se, Te) 19.02.2015
11 Ms. Pooja Gulati Characterization of Discharge Parameters for Efficient Dielectric Barrier Discharges (DBDs) 19.02.2015
12 Ms. Jyoti Boken Plasmonics Using Shape and Size Selected Nanomaterials 16.02.2016
13 Ms. Mohini Dwivedi MEMS Based Zinc Oxide Micro Gas Sensors for Pollution and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Monitoring 16.02.2016
14 Ms. Shalini Agarwal Study of Thermomechanical and Optical Properties of Polycarbonate based Polymer Blends 16.02.2016
15 Mr. Pyare Lal Simulation of Lasing Characteristics of III-V Semiconducting SQW and MQW Heterostructures 16.02.2016
16 Ms. Rashmi Yadav Computational Modeling and Simulation of III-V Semiconductors Based Lasing Nano-Heterostructures 16.02.2016
17 Ms. Naveen Study of Kinetics of Phase Transformation and Thermodynamics of Ge-Se-M (M=Sb & In) Glasses 16.02.2016
18 Mrs. Rupasree Roy Broadbanding Aspects of Slow-Wave and Fast-Wave Devices 14.10.2016
19 Ms. Himani Sharma MEMS Based Sensor Technology for Biomedical Application 14.10.2016
1 Mr. Asheesh Shankar Evolutionary Relationship of Plants Using Complete Chloroplast Proteome Sequences. 19.01.2011
3 Mrs. Himani Kuntal Evolutionary Analysis of Plants Using Mitochondrial Sequences 20.03.2013
4 Ms. Dhwani Raghav         Sequence, Structure and Evolutionary Analysis of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-A Potential Oncogenic Drug Target 12.03.2014
5 Ms. Jyotika Bhati Comparative Genome Analysis Between Medicago Truncatula and other Leguminosae Plants 12.03.2014
6 Mr. Manoj Kumar Prediction of Protein Interaction Network Pathways Towards Abiotic Stresses in Plants 19.02.2015
7 Ms. Mukta Sharma Pharmacophore Modeling, Database Mining and Biological Evaluation to Identify Novel O-Glc NAc Transferase - Tau Inhibitors and N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antagonists as Potential Neuroprotective Agents 19.02.2015
8 Ms. Deepika Shrivastava In Silico Analysis of Simple Sequence Repeats in Chloroplast Genome Sequences of Angiosperms 16.02.2016
9 Mrs. Ritu Singh Transcriptome Analysis of Potato Somatic Hybrid for Late Blight Resistant Genes Using Microarray Approach 14.10.2016


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