Thrust Areas of Research at WISDOM

Indian Ethos and Indian Management: Thought and Practices

Focus: Firstly, development of models and interventions, based on traditional Indian wisdom, which would blend more effectively with the Indian cultural context. Secondly, s tudy the healthy practices prevalent in Indian organizations and analyze their role in the development of individuals and society.

OMRISE : OMRISE is a Research Group that focuses on Organizational Management (OM), Research (R), Innovation (I) and Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SE). The group has been formed with collaboration of three parties - Buurtzorg Nederland and Praan Group from The Netherlands and Banasthali Vidyapith, India.


Second International Conference


Human Values in Management

Focus: Identification of values important for organizations, employees and society and developing the mechanisms for human quality development and organizational effectiveness.

Women in Management and Administration

Focus: Identification and analysis of women's issues at various levels of management and administration and studying their role, contribution and potential in organization and society building.

Cross Cultural Management Systems

Focus: Comparative analysis of management practices across cultures for assimilative synthesis of ideas and practices for better functioning.

Creativity and Innovation

Focus: Exploring new dimensions for creativity and developing architecture and practices for innovations in organization.

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